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Commercial and domestic cleaning tools & systems. Professional cleaning equipment from Craftex & Prochem

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Cobweb Duster & Handle

Cobweb DusterInterchange cobweb duster suitable for commercial & residential cleaningCompatible with an interchange handle & also with all Ettore Reach PolesThe perfect tool for dusting walls,..

Chimiver Varnishing Brush

Chimiver Varnishing BrushTop quality varnishing brush compatible with all types of varnishes and primersManufactured from fine quality bristle that will leave a quality streak free finish Highly ..
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Craftex Foil Protectors x 1000

Craftex Foil Protectors-heavy duty plastic foil suitable for covering furniture legs-it prevents fluid transfer from the wet carpet to the furniture-made from very strong plastic that can hold any siz..

Craftex Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L

Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5LHigh pressure top quality universal pump-up sprayer 1.5LSuitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning & gardeningManufactured from shock resistant plastic & viton sealsCan be..

Craftex Pump-Up Sprayer 6L

Craftex Pump-Up Sprayer 6L-heavy duty pressure pump suitable for universal use-this pump is brtu popular with the carpet cleaning trade-superb resistance to corrosive chemicals and heat - 6 l capacity..

Flat Griddle Pad Holder

Flat Griddle Pad Holder -built from heavy duty plastic components to ensure a long life-suitable to use in conjunction with most types of edging pads-highly recommended for heavy duty scrubbing or pol..

Henry Floor Tool With Brushes

Henry Floor Tool With Brushes-build from very strong plastic & stainless steel fittings-fitted with a brush head to facilitate ease use on tiles-recommended for commercial and domestic usw-Heavy d..

Interchange Pad Holder 25cm

 Interchange Pad Holder 25 Cm-professional interchange pad holder 25 cm-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs-compatible with all interchange handles-the ideal tool for scrubbing hard to reac..

Optima Absorb 22 Litre Maintenance Spill Response Kit

Optima Absorb 22 L Maintenance Spill Response KitInnovative floor control and water extraction systemThe system can extract up to 22 L of water | liquidsA great way of preventing permanent water damag..

Plastic Scraper Red

Plastic Scraper RedProfessional quality plastic red scraper from CraftexSuitable for removing chewing gum & silicon from floorsManufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plasticSharp enough to r..

Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool

Plastic Upholstery Hand ToolProfessional upholstery cleaning hand tool from CraftexCompatible with all Santoemma and Craftex machinesCan be adapted to fit Prochem extraction machinesSuitable for comme..

Polythene Overshoes

    Ideal for keeping carpets free from dirt. These Polythene Overshoes are great for keeping carpets free from dirt. Sold in packs of 100, in one size that fits all...

Safety Goggles

Safety GogglesProfessional plastic safety goggles suitable for commercial useMade from heavy duty chemical & oil resistant plasticManufactured from quality transparent PVC, flexible & toughIt'..

Vacuum Hose Joiner

 Vacuum Hose Joiner-38 mm heavy duty vacuum hose joiner -made from chemical resistant plastic -suitable for carpet cleaning industry -the ends are threaded for better connection -suitable for..

Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/s

 Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/s-original Craftex vacuum motor 1000W 2/S-suitable for all types of extraction machines-build from rust free & very durable materials-much more powerful than similar mot..
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