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P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: M.PWSCR
  • Availability: 10

P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen


The most advanced and most eco friendly urinal screen available

Suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial urinal deodorising

It will prevent urinal blockages, it will disinfect and deodorise in one go

It will prevent splashes better than any other urinal screen or urinal mesh

It can be used on both sides so there is no chance of using it the wrong way

It contains a strong odour neutralising agent that will last for about 30 days

Innovative technology that uses less plastic & more eco friendly products

Sold individually or in packs of 10, available in two distinct perfumes

P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen is 100% biodegradable



P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen - Where to use


P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen is the ideal urinal screen for industrial and commercial use. It will work well in pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools, public buildings, public bathrooms, etc. The new P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen will reduce splashes and it will continue to refresh and deodorise the urinals for over 30 days. Not suitable for domestic use due to its strong perfume. The urinal screen will prevent urinal blockages, it will prevent splashes, it will deodorise and it will keep the urinal cleaner and fresher for longer. No need to replace it for over 30 days if used daily. Our P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screens will deodorise the urinal itself and the bathroom as well.


P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen - How to use


Just open the plastic cover that covers the urinal screen and attach it to the bottom of your urinal. You need to make sure that the urinal screen is flat over the top of the drainage. Job done. Each time the urinal is used the chemicals within the urinal screen will activate and will release a strong mango perfume around the urinal. From time to time you will need to check the urinal screen to make sure that there is no waste on it or whatever other types of residue that will prevent it from working correctly. The new P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen is manufactured from 100% biodegradable plastic, it is smaller than its predecessor and it will last longer than other similar products from other brands.


A urinal screen is the perfect tool for keeping toilets free from bad odours. A quality urinal screen will prevent splashes all over the floors and walls and it basically keeps public toilet areas clean and fresh during the day.


P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen

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