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Optima Proclean Urinal Screen

  • Highly deodorised urinal screen suitable for commercial use

  • Available in two strong fragrances, mango and honeysuckle

  • It cancels bad odours in the urinal and it reduces splashes by 70%

  • Deodorises, protects the urinals, prevents clogging, low cost

  • It releasing billions of odour controlling bacteria after each use

  • If you have not used urinal screens before, you need to try it

  • No need to use harsh chemicals any longer, regular deodorising

Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Where to use

Public urinals are likely to be used by a large number of people. Over time, the urinal will start releasing a strong bad odour. You can use strong bleach or acids to get rid of it but it is too expensive and too time consuming. There is a better way of cleaning and maintaining public urinals. Try the new Optima Proclean Urinal Screen. These amazing urinal screens can help you in 4 ways:

  1. By reducing splashes

  2. By preventing urinals blockage

  3. By canceling bad odours

  4. By cleaning the urinal a few times a day

The new Optima Proclean Urinal Screen can be used in all public bathrooms like schools, hotels, offices, pubs, restaurants, etc. The ideal product for eliminating bad odours in a public toilet.

Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - How to use

No special training is required to use this new product. You just have to decide what fragrance you prefer, unwrap the urinal screen, put it inside the urinal and the job is done. Under constant daily use, the urinal screen will provide regular deodorising and cleaning for up to 30 days. Some urinals with less usage, might require new urinal screens only once every two months. There are two distinct fragrances, mango and honeysuckle, both as efficient.

Do not wait until the urinals become an embarrassment for your establishment. Start using urinal screens regularly to avoid urinal blockages, bad odours and tonnes of strong chemicals. 

Optima Proclean Urinal Screen

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