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-suitable for removing grease and dirt from skin and surfaces

-kind on skin, new formula, it contains moisturiser and vitamin E

-it also contain a surfant tp help lift dirt. Commercial & domestic

-no more need for buckets, chemicals and any type of cleaning rag

-ideal for removing paint, oil, grease, grime. Made with Tritex technology

PalTech Antibacterial Wipes Review

Wet wipes are a staple in the cleaning industry. They give one the ability to quickly and easily work on surfaces with just a simple wipe. From bathtubs to work desks and office equipment, these safe you time and money, plus the hassle that would have been undertaken, having to lug around a bottle of cleaner and pack or cloth each time you want to disinfect a surface. With the antibacterial wipes, you get to do this in one convenient wipe, and then toss way the unit. Smudges on countertops, splatters on cabinets, grease on your tools- they can all be worked on, depending on the cleaning power of the particular wipes you purchase. When going for products with cleaning and bactericidal properties, you also want to ensure that they are safe for use on your skin. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your hands are cracking and drying up, or there are adverse effects that require a visit to the dermatologist. With costs, it comes down to whether you’ll be getting bang for your buck. For quality and effectiveness, turn to the PalTech Antibacterial Wipes.

Benefits Of The PalTech Antibacterial Wipes

  • Suitable for skin and surfaces

This is a versatile product. You can use it to get rid of the grease and grime that is on your skin, and surfaces that have been soiled. The PalTech Antibacterial Wipes have been dermatologically tested, so you can rest assured that they are safe for use on skin.

  • Enhanced disinfecting action

The PalTech Antibacterial Wipes have been developed to efficiently disinfect hands and surfaces. They come with DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride), which is a quaternary ammonium compound (commonly known as Quat or QAC). This is an agent that is widely applied in biocidal situations, destroying microbes that would result in infection. It achieves this through processes such as affecting the intermolecular interactions and also through the dissociation of lipid bilayers. This has a diverse range of applications, with the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of the PalTech wipes making them a popular choice for home and commercial use.

  • Tritex wipes

The Tritex material of the PalTech Antibacterial Wipes is made through bonding together layers of both spunbond and melt-blown polypropylene fibres. This is carried out under high heat levels, and then a hydrophilic coating is applied onto the wipes. The resultant material is a nonwoven synthetic product, with several advantages. Firstly, it features high strength across and along the structure. That way cases of tearing that are witnessed with the traditional paper wipes are avoided. This also makes it a very low linting material, slashing down the risk of fibres being left behind on the surfaces that have been worked on. Then there is the solution retention. Wipes work by pre-saturating them with the cleaning and disinfecting agents, and the Tritex technology enhancing the retention capacity of the PalTech Antibacterial Wipes, meaning more product is held within the material, and that there is even wetness throughout each wipe. When it comes to the solution release- when you’re wiping the surfaces, the processes is also efficient, with the active agents getting quickly transferred onto the area being worked on, speeding up the premises. 

PalTech Antibacterial Wipes Review

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