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PALTECH Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes

  • Product Code: PT96
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

- Effectively removes grease as well as dirt from a range of surfaces.

- Bucket contains 200 wipes with an innovative cleaning solution

- Highly effective against paint, silicone, grease, ink, grime , body fat

- small and compact, easy to store even in places with no storage

- no more need for spray bottles, cloths, chemicals or detergents

- suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning

PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes Review

The cleaning industry has made great strides. Traditionally, when faced with grease and grime, one needed to always prepare a solution, use cloths, spray bottles, brushes and even mops to deal with the situation. While there are cases that still call for this approach, you don’t always have to go through the hassle of rushing to your janitorial closet and bringing out the heavy gear each time you want to wipe the surfaces and equipment in your establishment. Now, cleaning and degreasing agents have been infused into pre-saturated disposable wipes. This makes it an economical and convenient option for spot cleaning, and when you want to quickly clear up messes that have been formed. However, you want to be sure that you’re getting value for your money’s worth.  After all, the market is flooded with products. Going for quality units that are provided by a renowned brand will enable you to handle your cleaning needs effectively. You can get that in the PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes. Here is a review of what these wipes provide.

Benefits Of The PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes

  • Versatile wipes

These wipes can be used for numerous tasks, including cleaning up the oil and grease build-ups that have formed on tools, metals, and plastics. The cleaning action of the units allows you to work on the grime that has adhered to the component parts of your machinery and surfaces around the premises. Outdoor equipment, windows and chrome, vehicle trim- it works across the board. The PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes are particularly handy for the quick clean-up of grease and oil deposits on components like automotive parts and tools being worked with. After you’re done fixing parts, simply wipe away the grease and put away the tools for the next job. You can also use it to remove paint and silicon - and even get rid of graffiti that has been drawing on your building’s exterior. It’s safe to use, and will not scratch the surfaces. 

  • Low linting

With the PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes, fibres are not left behind on the surface being cleaned. They are constructed with Tritex technology, thus come with enhanced strength throughout their structure. You won’t have to worry about them breaking down like the conventional paper-based wipes.

  • Convenient application

With these units, you get to restore the shine to your surfaces and tools with the ease of a disposable wipe. Simply open the PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes bucket and take out a wipe, and proceed to work on the target surface or item. Dispose the wipe in the bin after you’re done. 

  • Robust bucket

The PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes are contained in a bucket, holding 200 of the units. Moving it around as you carry out the cleaning is a breeze, and it also allows easy storage. You get all this without breaking the bank, given that the PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes come with a pocket-friendly price tag. This enables you to meet your cleaning needs without putting undue strain on your budget.

PalTech Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes Review

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