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PALTECH Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes

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-professional multi surface cleaning and polishing wipes 

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects

-to be used on all highly polished surfaces &  stainless steel

-dutable, cost effective and spectacular results guaranteed

-no need to use cloths or any other types of cleaning spray

-200 wipes per pack, suitable for cleaning leather surfaces

-ideal for removing silicone, grime, food stains and grease

Streak-free Cleaning With The PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes

Ovens, work tables, refrigerators to sinks- stainless steel is found on just about any section of the kitchen. When clean, it sets a seamless look that accentuates the interior space. However, cleaning it requires more attention compared to other appliance materials- especially with the smudges, fingerprint marks and grease that regularly collect on it. In fact, all it takes is a little contact to leave a mark and take away that pristine look. A similar case is witnessed with materials like glass. From insect residue on the windows, to the kids pressing their faces and hands against the glass, to the grime that is left behind on the coffee table- these ruin the appeal of your items. Cleaning them requires extra care, given that the wrong tools can easily result in scratches. This is also the case with tiled surfaces, where you don’t want to damage the structures- especially after they cost so much money to install. Get rid of the silicone material, grease and grime deposits on your surfaces using the PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes. 

Versatile cleaning

Just as the name indicates, the PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes are suitable across a wide range of materials. From the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen- cooking units to refrigerators and oven surfaces, to the glass windows and coffee tables, and even those tile surfaces- be they countertops or in the bathroom units- the wipes will get the task done. They get rid of the grease and grime that has accumulated on the surfaces, and don’t leave behind any streaks. That way, you get to restore the shine to your units, accentuating the rest of the interior space. 

The very structure of the PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes has been designed to enhance their performance. These are Tritex wipes, which have a multi-layer construction which gives them more strength, preventing the tearing and linting that is witnessed in the traditional paper wipes. The pores that are on the material, plus the hydrophilic coating that has been applied to the polypropylene layers, maximises the absorbency of the units. The microfibre internal structure further boosts the solution absorbency of the wipes when they are being infused with the cleaning agents, and it boosts the liquid release when the actual wiping is being carried out. Each wipe also offers a wide surface area, with the 30 x 30 cm size of the units. That way, you get more value with each product that has been purchased. Speaking of which, the PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes are available in packs of 200, and you can acquire a case that contains 6 of the packs. When it comes to the storage, the flat packaging minimizes the amount of space that is taken up in the kitchen cupboards. 

The PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes are manufactured in the UK, with the products being in high demand in over 50 markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Pal International, the company behind the product, has been in the industry since the 1960s, and the success of their operations is testament to the quality of the products themselves. 

Streak-free Cleaning With The PalTech Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes

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