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-universal multi surface disinfecting wipes from Paltech

-suitable for light office disinfecting jobs & domestic cleaning

-highly recommended for cleaning keyboards and office desks

-small and compact, great for places with little or no storage

-manufactured with Tritex technology, low alchol disifectant

A Look At The PalTech Multi Surface Wipes

Without proper care, the office space can quickly become a scene of coughs, sneezes, the occasional sniffles, or a full-on outbreak. With all the people walking up and about, the busy nature of the workspace as you engage customers and deal with suppliers, the ringing phones being answered, projects being prepared- you want your employees to work in a healthy space. Dust settling on the desks and monitors, computer keyboards that can clock higher bacterial counts compared to office toilets, the phone that collects germs from the skin- including the hands, ears, mouth and face of the persons using it, that pen holder that travels from one desk to another and gets held by multiple persons in the building, residue on the tables at the employee lounge- it’s all hazardous. These surfaces need to be regularly cleaned. However, rushing to the janitorial closet and bringing out lots of tools with you every other hour can get on your nerves. You want a quick solution that you can use to wipe away the grime, and keep the business operations running smoothly. You can get that with the PalTech Multi Surface Wipes.

Benefits Of The PalTech Multi Surface Wipes

  • Multipurpose

The wipes are true to their name. They can be used for a wide range of applications. From wiping electronics such as phones and VDUs in the office, cleaning up the computer keyboards and mouse, the work desk surface itself, to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like face masks. The versatility of the units makes them an ideal addition to the workplace cleaning arsenal, enabling you to ensure that your employees and customers have a safe environment for their day-to-day operations. This also works for home applications, and incorporating them as part of your cleaning program will enable you to provide your family with a clean environment for their day-to-day safety.  

  • Antibacterial wipes

The PalTech Multi Surface Wipes go beyond removing that visual soiling that is coating your appliances and surfaces. They have antibacterial ingredients which are released onto the surface together within the solution, destroying these colonies of microbes that have built up on the items. This enhances the health standards of the premises, allowing you to go about your duties with peace of mind. This also comes in handy in mitigating outbreaks in the workplace, protecting your staff and also reducing the man-hours lost due to sick-days. 

  • Convenient storage

The PalTech Multi Surface Wipes packaging allows you to easily store it and carry it around the office space. It’s small and compact, and a popular option for those light and medium-duty cleaning applications. Constructed using Tritex technology, the wipes are strong, that way they don’t tear during application. This also prevents linting, meaning you won’t be left dealing with pieces of fibre all over the surface. 

  • Easy on the wallet

You also don’t want your cleaning costs going through the roof. With the affordable price of the PalTech Multi Surface Wipes, that won’t be a concern. In addition, the packs of 100 wipes each enable you to work on more surfaces with each unit purchased. You can also get cases containing 10 packs each, depending on the needs of your particular establishment.  

A Look At The PalTech Multi Surface Wipes

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