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Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L

  • Lightweight universal mop bucket suitable for medium duty cleaning projects

  • 10L, available in 4 distinct colours, heat resistant & chemical resistant plastic

  • Compatible with all small to medium sized cotton and microfiber standard mops

  • Highly recommended for domestic use, the house cleaning business or offices

  • The squeezer is manufactured from white heavy duty plastic components

  • Easy to store in narrow places, fitted with a pouring lip to avoid spillages/leaks

  • Size : 30 cm x 38 cm x 27 cm, 550 grams, integral 30 ml detergent reservoir

Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L - Where to use

The Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L is our best selling mop bucket by far. The mop bucket is suitable for all types of floor cleaning projects, it is well manufactured and it is fitted with some very innovative touches. The bucket will fit 10L of warm or cold cleaning agent, it is fitted with a special lip to avoid splashes and has an integral 30 ml detergent reservoir. Highly recommended for day to day domestic floor cleaning projects, office cleaning projects and light commercial floor cleaning. The Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L is available in 4 distinct colours to avoid cross contamination.

Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L - How to use

The Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L can be filled with about 10L of cleaning solution. All small to medium sized mop heads will fit with ease in its squeezer. Just put the mop head into the cleaning solution, then lift up the mop and place the soaked mop into the heavy duty plastic squeezer to squeeze out the excess cleaning solution. Use the mop until you notice that the mop has dried up & then repeat the operation. The new Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L is designed to last for very long periods of time even under constant daily use.

You can place your order online. We sell a large range of professional mop buckets from a number of well established brands.

Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L

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