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Plastic Lobby Brush

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Plastic Lobby Brush

  • Professional heavy duty plastic lobby brush compatible with all dust pans

  • Manufactured from durable and very flexible shock resistant components

  • Suitable for doing spot cleaning and dusting in all hard to reach corners

  • It can be used for sweeping small, medium and large residue from all floors

  • The handle and the brush can be purchased separately, deep black colour

  • Suitable for light domestic and heavy duty commercial cleaning projects

  • It reduces the need for using vacuums or large brushes in very busy areas

  • It can be easily stored at the back of a door or hung on the door itself

Plastic Lobby Brush - Where to use

Sometimes there is not enough dirt on the floor to bring out a large vacuum so for quick waste removal, this the perfect tool. Blocking a high traffic area just to remove some dirt or to sweep some dust is not always possible so using this tool will enable you to clean as you go, fast and efficient. When done with it, you can store it safely at the back of a door or you can even attach it to a hanger on the door. The Plastic Lobby Brush can be used on all types of floors and even carpeted areas. It will collect even the finest dirt particles hassle free.

Plastic Lobby Brush - How to use

To be able to use the Plastic Lobby Brush successfully you will also need to use a dustpan. The brush was designed for stand up use so there is no need to bend your back. Identify the area to be cleaned, sweep up the dirt into a small pile and then use the dustpan to collect it. Quick, easy and efficient. You can reach all hard to reach areas, toilets, kitchens, corridors, stairs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

To be efficient, fast, cost effective and productive, you will need to think outside the box. You want to move fast and reduce traffic blockage as soon as you can. This is the perfect tool for you.

Plastic Lobby Brush 

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