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-professional quality safety scraper with rubber cover

-highly recommended for window cleaning projects

-highly efficient retractable stainless steel blade

-made from high quality rust free components

Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip Review

There are those times when getting gunk off surfaces becomes a hustle. From the sticker residue on windows, paint and concrete splashes on the glass especially after construction works have just been carried out, gum on walls or out on the parking lot, candlewax on your countertops, dried food and hardened grease on your stovetops- these require more than just the conventional cleaning products. Otherwise, you will end up spending loads of time on the cleaning task. That’s where scraping comes in. With a quality tool, you can get the gunk off with simple and quick flicks of the arm. Turn to the Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip for your scraping needs.

Benefits Of The Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip

1. Compact

You want a quick tool that you can pull out when you need to scrape, and pocket it when you’re done. This is to reduce your workload, especially during the cleaning since you’ll have plenty of equipment that you’ll be working with. At 1.5" (4cm), the Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip fits the bill. Compact size and light weight make it easy to carry around and use on the go.

2. Ergo grip

The Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip is true to its name. It comes with an ergonomic grip that enables you to scrape with ease. The grip also ensures that it won’t be slipping out of your hand, which is particularly beneficial since they are likely to be wet from the cleaning operations being carried out. The rubber sleeve withstands the solvents being used, so you won’t have to worry about it reacting with the cleaning solutions.

3. Safe to use

Scraping involves the use of sharp blades, and you want to minimize risks as much as possible. The design of the Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip enables you to do so. It comes with a 3 position safety stop, ensuring that the blade is well-secured when in use, and properly retracted when not in use.

4. Multipurpose

Scraping is not just needed when you have stubborn grime on the windows. Perhaps there's some dried food or candle wax on your countertops and floors, someone stuck some gum on the furniture and you’re struggling to pry it out especially if it’s been stuck on it for a long time, or there is caked on residue on your stove tops- you can pull out your Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip to take care of the situation. In both residential and commercial establishments, the pocket scraper is a quality tool that comes really handy when you come across bits of stubborn gunk that you want to get rid of from the surfaces.

5. Cost-effective

The Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip is tough on gunk and easy on your wallet. It's been affordably priced, enabling you to add it to your cleaning arsenal without stretching your budget. What’s more, it comes complete with a pack of 5 blades, allowing you to hit the ground running. The blades are additionally of high quality and will serve you through multiple scraping sessions, giving you more value from your purchase. Since the blades are replaceable, each unit Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip that you acquire can be used for the long haul, bringing you more savings.

Pocket Scraper Comfort Grip

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