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-a powerful citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel

-it will remove gum, tar, oil based stains, grease stains

-it can be used on all types of fibres and carpets

-ready to use product. PH 5. It contains a pleasant citrus perfume

Prochem Citrus Gel Review

Grease and oils stuck on carpets and fabrics can be unnerving. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but they also clump up and harden onto the fibres of the material, becoming difficult to remove. Even aspects like walking on the carpet become uncomfortable, since instead of lush cosy fibres underfoot, one ends up feeling the clumps. They are also dirt magnets, trapping soiling in the structure, which even puts the structural integrity of your investment at risk. DIY grease removal techniques take plenty of time to prepare, and have reduced efficiency meaning that you can end up spending an hour scrubbing at the same stubborn spot. What's more, when it comes to sensitive fibres, using the wrong cleaning agents can corrode the yarn or damage the backing. You don't want to run these risks with your installation. Moreover, you don’t want the cleaning chore to be made more arduous, taking up loads of your time and energy. Prochem Citrus Gel comes in to make the task easier, allowing you to effectively tackle your grease and oil problem on your items and surfaces, restoring their elegance and making the cleaning process a breeze.

Benefits Of The Prochem Citrus Gel

1. High cleaning efficacy

From grease, oil and tar, to even gum that is stuck on the the carpeting, fabrics and surfaces around the establishment, the Prochem Citrus Gel will get rid of the gunk. The residue is dissolved, allowing it to be easily blotted off, which enables quick spot treatments. Whether it’s cooking grease or machinery grease that needs to be removed, the Prochem Citrus Gel is up to the task- with its formulation of limonene (d-limonene), citral, and dipentene. As such, you are able to eliminate the unsightly spots, spruce up the aesthetic appeal of the interior space, and protect your investment.

2. Fast application

The Prochem Citrus Gel comes ready to use, with the nozzle applicator further speeding things up. Simply scrape off the excess staining or soiling matter, then apply the gel to the affected area, and allow 2-5 minutes dwell time. It will dissolve the residue, which you can then scrape off or blot it out using a white tissue or towel. For the larger areas, extraction systems can be used. Avoid over application. Instead, use a small amount and repeat the process on the stubborn spots. After you’re done, brush the carpet or fabric, in order to ensure that the fibres are aligned.

3. Scented

The gel accentuates the interior space with an invigorating citrus fragrance. This, in addition to the grime-removal power, enables you to see and smell the difference in your newly cleaned carpets, fabrics and other surfaces around the establishment.

4. Safe to use

The Prochem Citrus Gel has been designed with the structural integrity of the material being worked on in mind. You won’t have to worry about effects to latex and bitumen backings, which are typical of common citrus-based solvents. The gelled up nature of the product enables you to safely and effectively remove the grime without posing risk of damage.

5. Pocket friendly

You get all this without breaking the bank. It comes in affordable 5 x 1L unit packages. Moreover, since only a small amount is needed to tackle each grease and oil spot, every unit purchase gets to serve you for longer.

Prochem Citrus Gel


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