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-a concentrated blend of cleaning agents suitable for dry carpet cleaning

-to be used in conjunction with a rotary carpet or sofa cleaning system

-highly efficient, very fast drying, cost effective & safe to use on sensitive fibres

-this product will require a dilution of around 1 to 20 before use, PH 7 diluted

-a product suitable for commercial and domestic carpet & sofa cleaning jobs



Prochem Fibre Shampoo Review

Cleaning is all about the efficacy. You want to get rid of stubborn dirt spots, and remove the grime that is clinging onto the fibres of your carpets and fabrics with minimal effort, and obtain quality results. The safety of the material being cleaned also comes into play, since you don’t want its structure getting damaged. The Prochem Fibre Shampoo comes in, delivering high efficacy and superior results. 
Benefits Of The Prochem Fibre Shampoo
1. High foam 
The Prochem Fibre Shampoo is a high foaming product that contains tough acting detergents to give your carpets and upholstery a thorough wash. It breaks down the dirt and grime particles, emulsifying them and enabling fast extraction, to leave the item fresh and sparkling. The crystallising shampoo separates the soiling particles from the fibres, enhancing the performance of your cleaning program. With neutral pH, it gets the job done on a wide range of carpets and wet-cleanable fabrics, without putting the structural integrity of the items at risk. A quick drying product, the Prochem Fibre Shampoo also enables you to resume using the cleaned item in moments.
2. Colour stabilising and fragranced
As you get your carpets and upholstery cleaned, you don't want them being discoloured in the process. The Prochem Fibre Shampoo is formulated to prevent browning and colour bleeding, which is attributed to its buffered pH system. In addition, the shampoo comes with a lemon and lime fragrance, that adds a fresh scent to the newly cleaned item.
3. Wide range of applications
The Prochem Fibre Shampoo can be used in numerous equipment, from carpet rotary brush machines and bonnet mops, all through to brushes and sponges, depending on whether you’re working on carpets or fabrics. It can also be used to complement Prochem additives when dealing with cases of stubborn dirt spots and heavy soiling. 
How To Use The Prochem Fibre Shampoo
The procedure varies depending on the application. However, in both cases, you'll need to first thoroughly vacuum the carpet or fabric before proceeding, in order to remove the dry soiling. Then follow these steps:
• Cleaning your carpet:

1. Dilute the Prochem Fibre Shampoo using a 1:25 ratio, such as mixing 30-50 ml of product with 1L of water.
2. Uniformly apply foam on the carpet. You can use a sprayer and carpet bonnet pad, your rotary brush machine, or even a dry foam machine. Be careful not to over-wet. Each 5L of diluted solution should cover 10m² to 20m² of carpet depending on the level of soiling. 
3. Allow to dry and vacuum, or rinse-extract with the Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse.
4. Use a grooming rake or pile brush to reset the carpet pile. You can then proceed to restore the furniture, though it’s recommended that you use protective pads for it.
• Upholstery cleaning

1. For this case, a higher dilution ratio of 1:20 is required. Depending on the condition of soiling on the fabric, add 40-60 ml of product to every 1L of water. 
2. Use a soft brush, dry foam machine or sponge to apply foam onto the fabric. 
3. Allow the upholstery to dry, then vacuum. Alternatively, you can also rinse-extract.
4. Allow the upholstery to completely dry before resuming to use it.
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