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Another unique product from Prochem. Its main job is to remove air filtration soil lines from around the doorways, near heating & air conditioning vents. It breaks the soil in small particles and it prepares it for extraction. It can also remove toner spills, soot & other types of charged particles soil. Prochem Filter-Out is a professional cleaning products suitable suitable to be used by professionals only.

-an amazing soil separator product

-it provides results nearly instant

-very strong stain remover - PH 10

-it contains a pleasant floor fragrance

-available in 1 L spray bottle & trigger

Prochem Filter Out - Where to use

To be used on carpeted area with soil build ups. It will break the soil and it will prepare the area for extraction. Also very efficient on many other types of stains like toner spills, soot, etc. It reduces the amount of time needed to achieve results and it reduces the workload. An very unique product from Prochem.

Prochem Filter Out - How to use

Pre-spray all the affected area and allow time to work. Scrub with a brush or a low speed buffer & a bonnet (when cleaning big areas). You will notice that the soil separates and it becomes very easy to extract with a standard carpet cleaning machine. Repeat the operation if the desired results are not achieved after the first treatments.

Prochem Filter Out


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