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-highly concentrated carpet cleaning powder

-super strength high heat carpet cleaning detergent

-suitable to be used with truck mounted systems

-Heat Wave contains a pleasant lemon perfume

-amazing cleaning power & amazing results guaranteed

-this product required dilution before being used

Prochem Heat Wave - Where to use

This highly concentrated carpet cleaning powder can be used with a truck mounted carpet cleaning system & with most hot water extraction systems. 4 kg of Prochem Heat Wave will make around 2500 l of cleaning solution. It will break dirt instant and it will refresh the whole area. It can be used on all types of industrial & domestic carpets. Please pre-test for compatibility. Some very dirty carpets will require a pre-spray with traffic lane cleaner from Prochem.

Prochem Heat Wave - How to use

The dilution rate will depend on the type of system used. Either way, the product has to be diluted before use. Always mix the water with the powder outside the solution tank. If the carpet is very dirty, please apply a pre-spray with a traffic lane cleaner, allow 10 min to work & then wash the carpet as usual. Prochem Heat Wave is an amazing carpet cleaning powder. Suitable for the professional carpet cleaning industry only.

Prochem Heat Wave Carpet Cleaning Powder


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