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Prochem Liquid Defoamer 5L


-a concentrated defoamer agent for controlling the foam in all extraction machines

-it was designed to prevent oversudsing caused by high foam cleaning products

-this is a highly concentrated product and it requires dilution before use 1 to 500

-this is not a cleaning product so never use it to wash carpets or fabrics

-do not mix the product with the cleaning solution. Add the defoamer in the waste tank

-this professional defoamer is recommended for the commercial market only

Prochem Liquid Defoamer - Where to use

Most of the extraction cleaning systems will generate a bit of foam in the cleaning process. Some cleaning products will generate much more foam than others. A lot of foam in the waste tank it can generate blockages and other issues. Prochem Liquid Defoamer is the ideal product for keeping the foam at very low levels. It works instant and it transforms all the foam in liquid.

Prochem Liquid Defoamer - How to use

Using this professional product cannot be easier. Just add few drops to the waste tank and the job is done. The foam will stop forming again. Do not overuse to avoid waste. Never add the defoamer to the solution tank to avoid potential reactions with the fabric or the carpet. Prochem Liquid Defoamer is highly concentrated product known to last for years. The dilution rate is 1 to 500 (more or less).

Prochem Liquid Defoamer


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