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-low VOC formula concentrated with anti-soil properties

-to be used in conjunction with rotary carpet bonnet pads

-ideal for low cost maintenance of high traffic areas

-PH 9, it requires a dilution of 1 to 16, very cost effective

-suitable for the commercial carpet cleaning industry


Prochem Bonnet Buff Review

You want your carpet to look fresh and clean around the clock. However, it's not practical to carry out an in-depth cleaning every other day in your business premises, as it will affect traffic low, and impede your operations. With the soiling that keeps on being tracked onto the carpet, plus the dust particles settling on it, you want a solution that can be used for quick carpet care without much hassle. That's where the Prochem Bonnet Buff comes in. 
Benefits Of The Prochem Bonnet Buff
1. Anti-soiling properties
Used together with rotary carpet bonnet pads, the Prochem Bonnet Buff is designed to encapsulate and release soiling from the fibres, leaving the carpet clean and dry- and without any residue too. You get to remove the light to moderate surface soils that are accumulating in your carpet, and not have to worry about resoiling. 
2. Scented
You want your carpet to look good and feel great under your feet, and also to have it smelling fresh and elegant. With the Prochem Bonnet Buff, you get the entire experience. The clear liquid, comes with a lemon and lavender fragrance, that accentuates the ambience, improving your working conditions in your commercial establishment. This also goes a long way in making your employees comfortable and relaxed, and impressing customers who have come over to seek your products and services.
3. Eco-friendly
The Prochem Bonnet Buff has a low-VOC formulation. This is to protect the indoor air space, that way you won't have to fret about the persons in your business premises being exposed to toxic fumes, or odours being released that make the environment uninhabitable.
4. Economical carpet care
Different attributes come together to enable the Prochem Bonnet Buff make you savings. It starts right from the onset, with an affordable price tag. Secondly, it's a concentrated product, giving you more usage out of every unit you purchase. Thirdly, the Prochem Bonnet Buff protects your carpet and enhances its longevity, that way you get to reduce on carpet maintenance costs like being forced to make replacements sooner than you had anticipated.
How To Use The Prochem Bonnet Buff
Before applying it onto the carpet, the Prochem Bonnet Buff needs to be diluted. Use a 1:16 ratio with water that’s hot or warm. For instance, mix 300 ml of product with 5L of water. Then follow these steps:
1. Use a pressure sprayer that has been fitted with a fan jet to apply the solution onto the carpet. It should be set at 30-40psi (2-3 bars). Note that you don't need to drench the carpet in solution. Light spraying will suffice. 5L of solution can cover 30-50 m², depending on the level of soiling.

2. Use your low-speed rotary machine that has a soil absorbent or a microfibre bonnet pad to work on the area. After the pad gets soiled, soak it in warm water, and wring it out before reusing it. For heavily soiled areas, it is recommended that you pre-soak the pad in the Prochem Bonnet Buff solution and lightly wring it, then you can go ahead and use it. 

3. Use your pile brush or groomer rake to reset the carpet pile, and you're done. You can now replace the furniture, and it's advised that you set it on pads or blocks to protect the carpet. 
Overall Rating 5
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