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Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser

A powerful deodoriser and odour neutraliser. Suitable for the commercial & the domestic industry. To be used by professionals only. It will work with all types of extraction machines from all brands.

-very strong cherry perfume deodoriser

-highly concentrated product (dilution required)

-suitable to use on carpets and fabrics

-it will remove and mask all types of odours

-also suitable for the floor cleaning industry

Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser - Where to use

Premium quality deodoriser from Prochem. Unique perfume & outstanding durability. Suitable to use on all types of carpets & fabrics. Pre-test for compatibility and only proceed if it does not affect the colour. It can also be used with a spray system to refresh curtains, chairs, cloths and other types of fabrics.

Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser - How to use

This professional deodoriser can be added to the solution tank of a carpet or floor cleaning machine. The dilution rate can vary from job to job but it should be somewhere around 1 to 100.  For heavy duty deodorising jobs use a lower dilution rate. If you plan to deodorise bathroom floors or urine infected areas, pre-spray for few min and allow the product time to work.

Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser


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