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If you ask 100 carpet cleaning companies what stain is the hardest to remove, 95% of them will tell you coffee & tea stain. By using general stain removers you can achieve pretty good results in some cases and no results in some other cases. The type of the coffee, for how long is on the carpet & the type of carpet, can increase or decrease your chances of fully removing the stain. But prochem Coffee Stain Remover is a different type of spot remover. Most of the stain treated with this amazing coffee stain remover will be removed in full. Bear in mind that there are coffee stains that are unremovable regardless of the type of stain remover used.

-the strongest & the most efficient coffee stain remover in the world

-also suitable to remove beer stains, water marks, tannin, blood, etc

-suitable to use on commercial and domestic carpets

-very fast acting, very cost effective & very affordable

-safe to use on carpets and most types of sofas, rugs, curtains

-it contains a pleasant lemon fragrance

Prochem Coffee Stain Remover - Where to use

Coffee stains are all carpet cleaning contractors nightmare. Results are never guaranteed 100%. Some coffee stains break very easy with a standard carpet cleaning shampoo while others fight even the best coffee stain removers. Prochem Coffee Stain Remover is one of the best coffee stain removers you have ever used. It might not remove the stain in full, but it will make it much less visible.

This outstanding coffee remover can be used on all types of carpets & fabrics. This is an acidic product so pre-test is highly recommended. Some coffee stains might require few treatments before noticeable results can be achieved.

Prochem Coffee Stain remover - How to use

Spray the stain remover straight on the stain. Allow few minutes to break the stain, agitate with a brush and remove the waste. Use a low speed floor buffer and a bonnet when treating big floor areas. Remember, coffee & tea stains cannot be removed all the time. You have a much better chance of achieving great results on fresh stains. Years old coffee stains might only be partially removed.

Treat the coffee stain with Prochem Coffee Remover. If the stain cannot be removed, use a oxi booster combine with the coffee stain remover.

Prochem Coffee Stain Remover


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