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-heavy duty acidic coffee stain remover

-it will remove tea, wine, enzymes, coffee

-premium highly concentrated formula

-suitable for treating very sensitive fibres

-it will act fast & it will remove the stain

Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L Review

Stains are chaotic. Large or small, they ruin the materials and surfaces they wind up on- from your carpets and fabrics, to worktops and the cold hard floor. Colour patterns that made your installation pop, that intricate blend that is the hallmark of your interior décor- they all get ruined when stains end up on them. Food and drink spills, from coffee and tea to that beer you were enjoying with your friends when they came over- they leave behind spots that are not only unsightly, but also difficult to clean. Conventional products simply don’t pack the punch. You can spend an hour kneeling over a spot and scrubbing away with loads of effort, barely making any progress. You want a product that takes away the hustle and frustration of cleaning these areas, and allows you to spend less time on the job. A solution that breaks down the stains effectively, removing them from the affected material with ease. One that is convenient and can be used whether it’s during the general cleaning or for spot treatments for those quick fixes. You can get that with the Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L.

Benefits Of Using The Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L

1. Thorough stain removal

The Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L is true to its name. Coffee spills under the breakfast table at home, tea stains on the carpet in the employee lounge of your business premises, tannin blots ruining your favourite fabrics, beer that’s ended up on the carpeting of your home or restaurant, water marks that are ruining the colour patterns on the material, all through to those unsightly yellow and brown spots, the Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L gets rid of them all.

2. Versatile

The Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L works on numerous items, from natural and synthetic carpets and fabrics to the different surfaces around the premises. In case you’re unsure about the compatibility of a material and the product, simply carry out a spot test on an inconspicuous area before usage.

3. Scented

You get to remove the stains and leave behind an invigorating scent. The Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L comes with a lemon fragrance, enabling you to enhance the ambience of the interior space as you carry out the cleaning.

4. Stress-free application

First, the Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L comes ready to use, thus there are no dilution ratios to worry about. You also don’t need complicated equipment. Simple spray it onto the affected area, then blot it using a clean, white towel. Start from the outside and work your way in. In case there are stubborn stains, reapply Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L, then allow 5 - 15 minutes dwell time. Rinse with clean water and you're good to go. For those really severe stains, you can bring in the Prochem Browning Prescription, mixed with an equal amount of water. For this situation leave it to dwell for a while longer.

5. Affordable

You get all this without bloating your budget. The Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L comes with a pocket-friendly price, cutting down on your building’s cleaning and maintenance costs right from the moment you make the purchase. Moreover, since you can apply it on numerous surfaces and materials in your premises to remove a wide array of stains, you get more value from each unit you purchase.

Prochem Coffee Stain Remover

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