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-premium professional pre-spray treatment for sofas & upholstery

-it will remove grease, far, body fluids & other types of stains and spots

-it contains a great blend of solvent stain removing cleaning agents

-suitable for commercial and domestic sofa cleaning projects

- PH 9, dilution rate 1 to 16, safe to use on most types of fabrics



Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L Review

Hair and body oils, with their accompanying treatment products, are meant to enable the scalp and skin remain soft and supple, preventing them from drying and cracking. That's all fine and dandy, till they get onto your upholstery. Staining on your favourite sofa, to soiling on your bedding, is not how you intended things to go. When left unattended, these greasy stains become dirt magnets, increasing the rate of soiling. Get rid of them using the Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L.
Benefits Of The Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L
1. Cleans and conditions
With the Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L, you get to say goodbye to the greasy soiling, body oils and hair treatment products that had ended up on your upholstery. The high-efficacy blend of detergents breaks down the heavy soiling that has built up in the fibres of the fabric, enabling easy removal. Moreover, it adds brightness to the material, accentuating its look and appeal. The Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L additionally uses low-odour solvents, allowing you to work on your upholstery without affecting the indoor air quality.
2. Anti-resoil agents
You want your cleaned fabrics to remain elegant for longer. After all, carrying out an intense cleaning every other day can be frustrating and it will take up time and energy. The Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L formulation enhances the resistance of the material to dirt and grime, so you won’t have to worry about rapid resoiling after you’re done with the cleaning. 
3. Citrus fragrance
It's "in with the good, out with the bad". After the cleaning process that gets rid of the source of the odours that were emanating from your upholstery fabric, the Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L leaves a fresh citrus fragrance on the item. This enables you to enjoy it more, and sets an invigorating ambience. 
4. Budget friendly
The Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L beings back the beauty to your fibres and fabrics without denting your wallet. It comes at an affordable price, enabling you to score cost savings the moment you make the purchase. Moreover, being a high-concentrate product, it enables you to get more value from every unit you acquire, lowering your cleaning and maintenance budget. By protecting your fabrics from long-term damage, you also avoid costly repairs and even replacements that may have needed to be carried out. 
How To Use The Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L
1. Start by diluting it with a 1:16 ratio. Here, use 60 ml of Prochem Fabric Restorer for every 1L of warm water. Before you begin working on the fabrics, do a spot test on an inconspicuous area, assessing for any colour or texture change.

2. Apply the Prochem Fabric Restorer 5L solution onto the fabric using a hand sprayer. Alternatively, you can mix it around in a bucket, and use your upholstery brush to apply the foam formed onto the affected area. 

3. Agitate the fabric with a brush to work the solution into the material.

4. Use a clean white towel to blot or wipe the area.

• If needed, carry out a rinsing and extraction with Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse, or Prochem Fab Clean.
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