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-fabric protector for water sensitive fibres

-heavy duty solvent based protector & sealer

-suitable for commercial and domestic projects

-odourless mineral solvent & fluorocarbon protector

-it will cover 80 to 100 sq meters per 5L of sealer

Using The Prochem Fabric Seal To Protect Your Upholstery

With the everyday hustle and bustle, the upholstery comes under heavy use, and is bound to get soiled. Dirt and grime accumulates on it, causing it to get dulled, and necessitate a cleaning. Stains too are unavoidable, despite plenty of care being taken by the property owner to prevent them from occurring. All it takes is a single mug of coffee being knocked over, and suddenly you have a huge brown mess on your elegant sofa. The dirt spots and stains can be frustrating- especially when they stick to the upholstery. No one likes having to scrub a spot for hours, due to the grime adhering strongly to the fibres. What’s more, no doubt your furnishings were costly to purchase, and loads of time and effort went into the research process to determine the units that would meet your décor needs. You want to be able to enjoy your cosy sofas and impress the guests coming over to your premises. In commercial establishments, where lots of people access it on a daily basis, the rate of soiling of the furniture is higher, and you don’t want your upholstered furniture looking forlorn. The cleaning budget also factors in, where you don’t want it spiraling out of control, dealing with the stubborn messes that keep cropping up. While dirt and stains are part of life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put in measures to ward off their effects, and protect your furnishings. That’s where solutions like the Prochem Fabric Seal come in. 

The dirt spots ruin the beauty of your upholstered units. They make it appear dull, taking away the elegance of the set. The situation dilapidates when there are sections with grease, which basically acts as a dirt magnet, locking in more of the particles, causing the affected area to darken faster.  Oil-based stains, ranging from margarine, mayonnaise or salad dressings that wind up on the material, all through to residue from fast foods that got spilled as you were enjoying a snack with friends and chatting the afternoon away- they can adhere to the fabric, and become difficult to remove. Water-based stains like coffee and tea can be quickly absorbed by the material.  Adhesives, cosmetic products like the nail polish that accidentally drips onto the sofa as you apply it hurriedly in the morning when heading out to work, barbeque sauce, blood spots, soft drinks and wine- they all form a mess. Since you can't predict when or how a stain will form, it is prudent to take measures to protect your upholstered units from them. The Prochem Fabric Seal has been developed for this.

Stain Protection That Lasts

The Prochem Fabric Seal is a flourochemical formulation that is developed to bring high levels of stain resistance to upholstered units. By repelling the spills from the material, it prevents the bonding process that would have otherwise resulted in permanent stains forming on your nit. This enables you to clean up the spill and not have to worry about unsightly patches being left behind on your furniture. Those pesky coffee and tea stains, the notorious wine spots that form whenever some of it sloshes over the glass tip, situations of grease spots darkening your furnishings- the protection provided by the Prochem Fabric Seal helps in warding off these substances. It even aids in repelling everyday soiling, that way you won’t be stuck with a situation of stubborn grime adhering to the fabric.  As such, it reduces the amount of work involved in the routine cleaning operations, and cuts back on the expenditure required for the supplies. This means that you end up making more savings in the long run. 

Safety of the material itself also factors in, especially when you’re dealing with the water-sensitive upholsteries. You want a product that you can rely on to deliver the protection from staining, without negatively affecting the structural integrity of your unit. You can get that with the Prochem Fabric Seal. It has been specially formulated for these fine and delicate fabrics, getting the task done without affecting the fibres of the material. 

Working With The Prochem Fabric Seal

The treatment process itself is easy. Simply use a Prochem fabric protector applicator to apply this formulation onto the upholstery. The application should be evenly done, taking care not to saturate the material. With the Prochem Fabric Seal, a little goes a long way. It has a recommended coverage rate of 800 to 100m² per 5L. The amount used depends on the particular type of upholstery. Usually, 250ml of product is enough for treating each seat. After you’re done applying the Prochem Fabric Seal, allow it to dry. This should take several hours. You can choose to leave the upholstered untouched overnight before normal usage resumes. Note that the Prochem Fabric Seal is exclusively meant for use on upholstery fabrics, so one should not apply it to carpets. In addition, it’s recommended that you perform a pre-test on a hidden area to ascertain the product’s compatibility with your unit. 

DOs And DON'Ts Of The Prochem Fabric Seal

  • DO clean the upholstery before treating it with the Prochem Fabric Seal. The soiling would just come in the way, ruining the effectiveness of the process. 

  • DO apply the Prochem Fabric Seal on the fabric after it has dried. In fact, treating the upholstery after dry cleaning it is ideal. The wet-cleaned materials can still be worked on- just ensure that they have been extraction rinsed, then towelled and dried as much as they can before proceeding to use the protector on them. 

  • DO ensure the area is properly ventilated during the treatment process.

  • DO wear protective gear during the application. This ranges from the gloves, eye protection (safety glasses) and respiratory protection (such as a cartridge mask approved for using when working with organic solvents)

  • DON'T dilute the Prochem Fabric Seal. It comes ready to use. 

  • DON'T mix the product with other chemicals. 

  • DON'T use products like trigger sprayers for the application, or aerosol sprays delivering a fine mist.

Prochem Fabric Seal

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