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Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L


-powerful odour neutraliser & deodoriser for carpets and upholstery

-it can be diluted with water and it can be applied with a spray bottle

-it can also be added to any cleaning solution as a deodoriser

-highly efficient, very cost effective and unique fragrance formula

-suitable for all types of commercial and domestic deodorising jobs


Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L Review

Dirt and grime come with odours that ruin the interior ambience. The organic matter accumulating in the carpet's fibres, to the stains on fabric upholstery and other surfaces in the home or workplace, gradually begins to decay. The bacteria action results in stenches that reek up the place, ruining your quality of life. You want a product that can be able to eliminate the stench, and stop it from pervading your nostrils each time you walk through the front door. That's a job for the Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L.
Benefits Of the Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L
1. Superior cleaning and restoration power
With the Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L, you are able to give your carpets, fabrics and most surfaces in the establishment a thorough and deep clean. The tough-acting detergent comes with an encapsulating formulation that eliminates sticky residues on your newly cleaned item, keeping it elegant for longer. It can be used for fire and flood restoration, when your carpeting and other items have been left with pungent odours and you want them removed, bringing back the normalcy to your establishment. Its versatility, allowing it to be used on multiple areas around the residential or commercial premises, allows you to cut on your building’s maintenance needs. An environmentally friendly product, you won’t have to worry about the persons and pets in your establishment being put at risk, or toxic fumes being released into the indoor air space.
2. Effective odour neutraliser
The Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L walks the talk. It's not just the odours from fire and flood incidents that get removed. Everyday soiling, from food residue to urine stains, leave behind stenches in their wake. The Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L is formulated to chemically alter the volatile odours, neutralising everything from ammonia and mercaptans to even amines. It then leaves a fresh fragrance, enhancing the decor of the interior space. Whether you want it for the initial cleaning simply to reduce the odours, or for aftercare to deodorise the carpet after the source of the smell has already been removed, it is up to the task. 
3. Cost effective
You want to run your building’s cleaning and maintenance program effectively, without wasting finances. The Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L enables you to cut on costs in various ways. Firstly, its 2 x 5L cases are affordably priced, bringing you savings right from the onset. It’s also concentrated, meaning only a little product is needed for every session, giving you more usage out of every unit in the long run.
Using The Prochem Fresh Breeze Odour Neutraliser 5L
The application depends on the intended use. Follow these steps:
• Deodorisation
1. Dilute 5-10ml of produce per 1L of water.
2. Apply directly onto the source of the odour, and allow sufficient dwell time for the stench to be neutralised.
• Cleaning
1. You can use 5-10ml of the product in every 1L of solution, or, in case you’re using a truck-mounted extractor, mix 1L of product for every 20L of detergent solution.
2. Add the mixture to the solution tank of the extractor or other system that you’re using, and proceed to clean as normal.
• Fire and Flood Restoration
1. Dilute 10-20ml of product per every litre of water. The dilution ratio that you use here depends on the intensity of the odour. 
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