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-neutral PH leather cleaner and maintainer

-safe to use on all types of leather surfaces

-it will deep clean fast and residue free

-suitable for commercial and domestic

-it will create a special gloss on leather

-just spray, scrub and wipe with a cloth

Prochem Leather Cleaner Review

Leather is adored for its wide range of attributes. For starters, it is a durable material. When properly cared for, leather furniture can last a lifetime. Its toughness and flexibility allow it to naturally be resistant to punctures and tears. It even remains strong around the seams. What’s more, as it ages, it develops a natural patina, making it even more beautiful as the years go by. This is unlike other fabrics that tend to fade and end up looking tired and worn out. To ensure that you enjoy it all through, undertaking routine care measures with units like the Prochem Leather Cleaner will come in handy. The leather is also breathable, a trait which enables it to remain cool even during those hot summer afternoons. The "breathability" of the material enables it to quickly dissipate heat and cold, allowing it to be comfortable to sit on during the different seasons. Since it also absorbs moisture and releases it, the sofa tends to feel less clammy and sticky compared to the plastic-based imitations. You get to kick back and relax in comfort. Then there is the aesthetic appeal. In fact, the beauty and elegance of leather is core to its popularity, being used everywhere from the lobbies in high-end hotels, waiting areas in office buildings, to modern homes. It exudes luxury and sophistication. 

Since leather is sourced from animal hide, each single piece is unique in its own right, with the natural markings and grain patterns.  Walking into an office with leather furniture strikes an impression that other fabrics simply cannot attain. With the modern tanning processes which make the material more resistant to peeling, cracking and sagging, the effect gets to last for longer. What’s more, there are different colours to choose from, allowing you to have the set that blends in without decor needs. Whether you’re aiming for a formal white look or a worn brown effect, there are different upholstery choices to go for. The units are adaptable to the diverse decor needs, adding more character to the room. You get to have a calming interior, and set an inviting ambience for the guests dropping by for a visit. With all this going for the leather upholstery, it comes as no surprise that it has a high price tag. After spending so much money to get the set that suits your needs, you want to protect it.  To keep your leather upholstery in top condition, use the Prochem Leather Cleaner to get rid of the dirt and grime accumulating on it.

Protecting Your Unit

What type of leather upholstery do you have? They come in various types, such as aniline where the focus is on retaining the natural visual attributes of the animal hide, hence it doesn’t have a surface coating- but may be lightly dyed; semi-aniline leather which comes with a protective coating that is slightly thicker in comparison in order to increase resistance to staining; all through to pigmented leather, which has a polymer coating added to the material to increase protection for the leather. Most of the leather upholsteries purchased nowadays are pigmented, due to the increased resistance to scratches, fading, and scuffs. With pigmented sofas, there are also varying kinds depending on the treatment used, which results in varying thickness and the final look of the material. For instance, with the full-grain pigmented leather, the protective coating has been applied without making any alterations to the natural grain of the material. On the other hand, those sets with corrected grain have the imperfections being sanded off or buffed before the coating is applied. , Additionally, for the corrected grain pigmented leather, a different grain pattern can be embossed onto it, bringing out the look of full grain pigmented leather. Some may go with antique grain, where a coating with a darker hue is added onto the leather, and then slightly rubbed off, in order to set a worn out rustic look. Whichever the case, the upholstery gets exposed to dirt and grime on a daily basis, and you want to ensure that it doesn’t get deteriorated. This calls for quality cleaning, using products that have been formulated for the task. The grime is abrasive, contributing to the wearing down of the unit. As people lounge back on the cosy sofas, the particles are ground against the upholstery, and when this is allowed to continue unabated, the protective treatments applied get dilapidated, putting the structural integrity of your unit on the line, cutting down its lifespan. Whether it’s in a residential or commercial set up, the leather sets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You want a product that you can rely on to deliver its mandate, and that’s what you get with the Prochem Leather Cleaner.  

Benefits Of The Prochem Leather Cleaner

  1. Mild pH

When it comes to leather care, the pH of the products used is key. Whether it’s for furniture upholstery or your car's interior, it is imperative that the pH of the product used is safe for the material. This is because leather is particularly sensitive to pH variations, and working with products that are too acidic or alkaline will ruin your unit. With the Prochem Leather Cleaner, you won’t have to worry about that. The product comes with a pH of 6, mild enough to be used on the leather safely, while still retaining its cleaning power, effectively getting rid of the dirt and grime. The Prochem Leather Cleaner is particularly recommended for use on pigmented leather, and can be applied on other kinds after pre-testing to ascertain its compatibility with your unit. 

  1. Light lemon fragrance

The odours associated with soiled upholstery make it uncomfortable to use. You want to be able to sit back and relax, and the Prochem Leather Cleaner makes it possible through two actions: First, it gets rid of the grime that is the source of the odours. On top of that, the formulation itself comes with a light lemon fragrance that accentuates the unit, and spruces up the ambience as a whole. 

  1. Easy to apply

You don’t want to spend ages working on the upholstery. With the Prochem Leather Cleaner, the application is a breeze. After all, when the task is made easier, you will be more motivated to carry it out regularly, thus ensuring that your upholstery remains in top condition.

How To Use The Prochem Leather Cleaner

  1. Start by shaking it well in its bottle. Since it comes ready to use, you will not need to dilute it. 

  2. Give the upholstery a good brush, in order to remove the loose soiling. You can use a vacuum with a brush attachment to get to those particles that are in the nooks and crannies of the furniture. 

  3. Apply the Prochem Leather Cleaner onto a cloth. Just apply a small amount, and note that the cloth should be clean. You can use a terry cloth that is slightly damp for this. 

  4. Clean the target area gently. It is recommended that you work in small sections at a time. 

  5. Take another damp towel and use it to wipe and rinse the area. This will remove both the Prochem Leather Cleaner that had been applied, and the dirt that it has dislodged. 

  6. Use a towel to dry the upholstery. Opening up a couple of windows and doors will improve ventilation, allowing it to dry naturally faster. 

  7. After you’re done, rinse the towels that you have used with clean water. 


Next up is the conditioning. Just like a person moisturizes the skin after a shower, the leather products also need to be conditioned, in order to restore the lost moisture and oils, and rejuvenate the material. Over time, and as a result of exposure to the elements, the leather begins looking broken and blurred, and also hardens up. Applying a conditioner will restore its sheen, and also bring back that a soft and supple feel. Conditioners with protective sealants go further to prolong the life of your unit.  After using the Leather Cleaner, follow through with the Prochem Leather Conditioner. It has been developed to soften the material, and restore the lost protection. The conditioning is carried out regularly, whenever you need to revitalise your leather upholstery. The application is easy and straightforward:

  1. Use a clean towel that is slightly damp to apply the Prochem Leather Conditioner onto the upholstery, spreading it out evenly. 

  2. Give it a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the material.

  3. Use a dry and soft cloth to wipe away the excess product. 

  4. Buff the surface to get a smooth finish. 

Tips For Using The Prochem Leather Cleaner

  • It is highly recommended that you perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area before proceeding, especially if you’re not sure of the product’s compatibility with your particular type of leather upholstery. Check for aspects such as the texture change, colour fastness and any darkening. The Prochem Leather Cleaner is ideal for use on the pigmented and smooth leather upholstery. Note that it is not recommended for use on suede leather. 

  • When cleaning, check for areas like crevices, the stitching, and also the corners, which are notorious for hiding dirt. 

  • As the name indicates, this formulation is limited for use on leather, so don’t go attempting to clean surfaces like wood floors or marble countertops with it. 

Taking Care Of Your Leather Upholstery

  • A basic step in the maintenance is regular cleaning. As such, don’t want until there's an event coming up, or guests are about to drop by before giving your furnishings adequate attention. It’s recommended that you clean the leather upholstery at least once every 2-4 weeks, and more frequently if there are kids and pets in the household, or it's furnishings in commercial establishments which handle high levels of traffic. The Prochem Leather Cleaner will be up to the task, ensuring that the dirt and grime are got rid of safely.  

  • How have you positioned your furniture? Remember that heat and sunlight have a direct impact on the material. You don’t want your leather sofa drying and cracking. As such, avoid positioning it in direct sunlight, or close to the fireplace. You can easily check the suitability of the area by placing your hand on the leather. If it feels hot, then it is in harm’s way, and you should immediately consider switching its position. If it’s simply warm, all that is needed is maintaining the moisture levels by applying the Prochem Leather Conditioner frequently. 

  • Avoid common cleaning detergents. The household products used on other areas like floors and countertops are not safe for the leather. They may contain harsh chemicals that will react with the material, and ruin it. Stay away from the waxes, silicones, plus saddle soaps as well, as they may end up causing more harm. Utilizing products like the Prochem Leather Cleaner that have been specifically formulated for the task will ensure that your unit is safe. 

  • When dealing with spills, resist the impulse to wipe the spot, as it may cause the stain to spread further. Instead, use a porous clean and dry cloth to blot up the spilled liquid. The goal is to absorb the spill into the cloth, instead of spreading it all over the rest of the leather. Also, don't go adding water to the stain. This will be counterproductive, as soaking the stain with water will cause a water stain, and also contribute to spreading it. 

  • Sharp objects are a threat to your leather upholstery. They can easily pierce or scratch it, and you don’t want marks being formed on your otherwise elegant set. Be careful when handling items like knives and scissors while on the sofa.

  • Dusting and vacuuming the leather furniture regularly will help in protecting it from the loose, gritty particles that build up on it. 

  • Are there kids or pets in the household? With the little ones hopping up and down the furniture as they play, the pets napping on it for entire afternoons, you want to avoid the build-up of body oils on the material. As such, it is recommended that you wipe down the sofa more often with the Prochem Leather Cleaner. 

Prochem Leather Cleaner


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