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-premium leather conditioner and oil refresher

-it refreshes and rejuvenate leather surfaces

-ready to use leather conditioner PH 6

-to be used on clean and dry leather surfaces

-amazing results guaranteed all the time

-efficient on sofas, car seats, jackets, etc

Prochem Leather Conditioner Review

One of the misconceptions with leather is that since it is an expensive material, it must be difficult to maintain. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a key selling point of leather upholstery is how easily one can clean up spills and dirt. Liquids can be blotted up with terry towels, cloths, or even paper towels. Soiling can be quickly wiped off, even that which seems to have adhered to the surface, using solutions such as the Prochem Leather Cleaner. It’s a fast process, so you don’t have to worry about sweating through chores for hours.  Add to this the fact that leather is a hypoallergenic material, meaning that it doesn’t lock in dust and dander- which makes it a healthy choice for the indoor air space. The material also doesn’t stain easily. This also makes the upholstery popular for households with kids and pets. Its flexibility also adds to this, since the leather stretches and returns to its normal state during usage, compared to fabrics which have less elasticity and will simply stretch over time, making it more prone to thinning and breakage. Treating the leather with units like the Prochem Leather Conditioner will enable it to retain its flexibility. Whether you want to go with creamy white, elegant black or have a set which is sultry red, there is a wide range of colour schemes for you to choose from. 

Then there is the comfort. Genuine leather takes the shape of the body when you sit back on it, making you feel like you're relaxing on a cloud. Leather also "breathes". It has the ability to rapidly adapt to its environment’s temperature. As such, when you sit on it, it quickly warms up to the body temperature, and likewise, when you crank up the air conditioning unit, the leather sofa will warm up or cool off to the prevailing conditions. In fact, it even gets more comfortable with usage, allowing you to enjoy it for the long haul. The initial purchase cost for the leather units may be high, but it makes up for this in the savings you will make in the long run, plus the comfort you get from the units. The durability, coupled with the aesthetic appeal, allows you to enjoy your leather units for longer. Simply ensure that routine cleaning is carried out to get rid of the dirt and grime, and that you occasionally nourish the upholstery with units like the Prochem Leather Conditioner.

Preserving The Beauty Of Your Leather Upholstery

After spending so much money on getting the leather furnishings that bring out your style at home or give your business premises a professional image, you don’t want to watch the time and resources spent on it going down the drain. You should be able to come home to an elegant interior, to sit back and relax on a cosy sofa. You want guests coming over to be impressed by the décor of your home, and set living conditions that you can be proud of. For commercial establishments, the state of affairs has a direct impact on the perception that customers form about your enterprise. Even your employees will be more productive when their working conditions are properly maintained. Taking care of the furniture is part and parcel of this. Cleaning your units and treating them with the Prochem Leather Conditioner will enable them to retain their characteristic charm and appeal, enhancing your living and working conditions. This is also vital to preserve the structural integrity of your unit, and save on costs that would have been incurred down the road making repairs and replacements. 

Benefits Of The Prochem Leather Conditioner 

  • Nourishes the leather

With the Prochem Leather Conditioner, you are able to bring back that soft feel to the leather, while restoring the oils that were lost through its everyday usage. It contains ingredients such as neatsfoot oil, which has been developed from products like cattle shin. This, coupled with the conditioning agents in its formulations, enables it to soften the fibre, give the upholstery a shine, and make it supple. 

  • No greasy residue

The action of the Prochem Leather Conditioner is not limited to the surface. The formulation penetrates deep into the upholstery, ensuring that an even finish is obtained within the structure. What’s more, there won’t be any greasy residue left behind, and you don’t have to worry about harmful silicone ingredients.

How To Use The Prochem Leather Conditioner

Start by cleaning the leather upholstery. You don’t want any dirt or grime getting in the way. Use a specialised product for this process, one which has been formulated for use on the material, such as the Prochem Leather Cleaner. This is due to the sensitivity of leather, where you don’t want variances in pH that will put its structural integrity at risk. Follow the instructions on the product label while using the product. Using the cleaner and a damp cloth, wipe away the grime, and then follow through with another damp cloth for the rinsing, to remove both the product and the residue. Towel dry the leather. Once ready, proceed to condition it with the following steps:

  1. Shake the Prochem Leather Conditioner in its bottle. 

  2. Apply some conditioner onto a clean and damp towel.

  3. Spread the product evenly on the leather, then give it a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the material.

  4. Grab a clean and dry cloth, then proceed to wipe away the excess product from the surface. Note that the cloth should be soft.  

  5. Buff the leather to get a smoother appearance. 

Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Prochem Leather Conditioner

  • To be certain that the product is compatible with your particular kind of leather, perform a spot test before application, on a hidden section. Check for texture change, colour fastness and darkening. Note that for the light-coloured leathers, there may be some slight darkening witnessed. The Prochem Leather Conditioner has been developed for use on materials like pigmented smooth leather. However, it is not to be used on suede leather. 

  • As the product has been formulated to be ready to use, you should not dilute it. 

  • Always check the leather’s condition, inspecting for issues like cuts, cracks and other kinds of damage that will need to be repaired. 

  • Use the Prochem Leather Conditioner exclusively for its intended purpose. This is to mean that you should not apply it on surfaces like wood in an attempt to achieve a similar effect. It is specifically intended for conditioning leather upholstery. 

Proper Care For Leather Upholstery

Additional measures should be taken during day-to-day activities to keep the upholstery in good condition. Take vacuuming before wiping for instance. While the leather itself is sturdy, the dry soiling and dust particles need to be removed before proceeding to wipe the surface. This is to prevent issues like the particles being pushed deeper into the material, and it also reduces your workload. When doing this, ensure that you use a vacuum that has a soft brush attachment. The hard brush attachments can result in scratches. Ensure that you pay particular attention to the folds and crevices, especially when dealing with units like recliner sofas. 

For the cleaning, it should be regular, using a damp cloth and products such as the Prochem Leather Cleaner that have been specifically formulated for the task. How long you wait between the subsequent cleaning sessions depends on how busy the establishment is. For instance, in homes with kids and pets, plus commercial establishments like office buildings, hotels, and entertainment centres, the cleaning should be more frequent due to the traffic that they handle. The kids hopping up and down the seats, pets leaving their fur and dander strewn all over, the sweat and body oils that get rubbed onto the upholstery, all through to the food smudges- they need to be got rid of. When wiping the set, ensure you first test the product’s compatibility with the material. You can do this on a section that is hidden from sight. In addition, avoid soaking the sofa. Remember that water is a threat leather, and large amounts of it will end up doing more harm than good to your unit. After cleaning, let the sofa dry naturally, and don’t sit on it until it is completely dry. This is to prevent creases from forming, allowing the upholstery to retain its shape especially around the contours. While on this point, do not point the hairdryer to the cleaned sofa in a bid to speed up the process. At most, you should simply leave a couple of windows and doors open.

Every once in a while, condition the sofa, as its oils naturally diminish with the normal usage. Formulations like the Prochem Leather Conditioner will give your set a new lease of life. That way, you can prevent it from cracking and drying out. Next is positioning. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat sources like the fireplace will ruin the sofa. In fact, these are some of the root causes of cracking and dryness. Position your leather furniture in a spot that is away from direct sunlight, air conditioning units, radiators or the fireplace. The goal is not to avoid light or heat completely- which would be impossible anyway. You just need to reduce its exposure to them, in order to prolong the life of your unit. 

The spills that are formed on the sofa should be cleaned up immediately. While the leather is durable and more stain resistant compared to other upholstery materials, that does not mean that one should allow the spills to dwell on the unit. When a spill occurs, you should immediately take a dry cloth, terry towel, a piece of kitchen roll, or even use a paper towel, and proceed to blot the area. Do not wipe the spill, rather let the liquid be soaked up by the cloth. If you’re fast, most of the spill will be absorbed before it can get into the upholstery and necessitate a deeper cleaning. Applying protective treatments such as the Prochem Leather Conditioner also aid in preventing the stains from setting into the material, buying you more time to clean up the spills.

Regularly buff the upholstery. With leather, you can easily maintain its natural shine. This prevents the unit from looking tired. Buffing also reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches that may have been formed on your unit as a result of daily usage. The buffing is carried out after applying the Prochem Leather Conditioner. You also want to maintain the shape of the sofa, to optimize the comfort and support. Towards this end, it is recommended that you plump the cushions- which can be done frequently- such as at the day’s end, before you head to bed. It will help in ensuring that the cushions are rightly placed, and it barely takes much time to do- two or three minutes will be enough. This simple measure will also remove those unnatural creases that may have formed.

Keep watch for additional threats to the leather furniture. These are the likes of clothes and throws which are not colourfast. These are the fabrics where their dye is not locked in, which results in it getting transferred to the leather when people sit or brush against it. This is especially a concern when the said fabrics are wet. Keeping them away from the leather is key. Also, keep an eye out for items that can cause scratches or scuff marks. These include keys and scissors, and the occasional clothing stud. They can cause damage to the unit that is not anticipated, hence it will be wise to be careful with them when on the sofa. What of pets? As they jump up and down the sofa, they can accidentally scratch the leather. Acquiring a special throw or blanket for them to use while on the furniture is recommended. This will also come in handy to protect against excessive fur, dander, and the occasional urine stain.

Prochem Leather Conditioner

Prochem Leather Conditioner


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