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-a proper carpet cleaning shampoo for the healthcare market

-it can be used as a carpet shampoo, urine neutraliser & deodoriser

-woolsafe approved, PH 5, dilution 1 to 100, pleasant fragrance

-it can be used with all types of carpet cleaning extraction systems


Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L Review

For quality carpet care in health centres, turn to the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L. Here is what you can expect from it:
• Thorough cleaning action for superior results
The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L packs a punch. It is a high-efficacy cleaning product that has been specially developed for the healthcare institutions, from hospitals and clinics, all through to nursing homes. It’s designed to handle the huge loads of grime that end up in the carpet on a daily basis, removing the pollutants and allergens, destroying pathogens and making the indoor environment safe for patients and staff. The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L is a cleaning and rinsing agent, with the surfactant technology that is incorporated in it preventing resoiling from occurring, keeping the carpet cleaner for longer. 
• Urine neutraliser
Urine accidents are common in healthcare centres. You want a product that will enable you to efficiently remove the stains and odours that form in the carpet, and that’s right up the alley of the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L. It enables you to get rid of the residue that is clinging onto the carpet’s fibres, and also neutralises the odour molecules, leaving it clean and fresh. As such, the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L is a top recommendation for maintaining carpets that are subject to frequent urine contamination.
• Fragranced
The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L is formulated to enable the carpet in your establishment look and smell great. After all, you’ll want to set a healing atmosphere in the healthcare centres, where both your staff and the patients being attended to can feel relaxed and invigorated. Hence, after neutralising the odours emanating from the carpet, the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L leaves it with a tropical lemon fragrance, that enhances the ambience of the interior space.
• Multipurpose
The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L can be used for extraction carpet cleaning, pre-spray in cases where there is urine contamination, and also as a rinse agent. This enables you to incorporate it into different segments of your establishment’s carpet care program as you see fit, giving you more usage out of every unit you purchase. It’s not just limited to carpets. The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L can also be used on fabric upholstery. However, note that it shouldn’t be used on water-sensitive fabrics.
• Safe carpet care
Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L can also be used for delicate fibre carpets. It is a WOOLSAFE Approved maintenance product, hence you can use it to give your wool carpets and rugs a thorough wash without worrying about their material getting damaged. 
The usage itself is straightforward. Simply dilute the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L with warm-hot water, using a 1:100 ratio (like 100ml of product with 10L of water), in the solution tank of the extraction machine. Proceed to clean as normal. For those areas that have been heavily contaminated with urine, use a 1:20 ratio to prespray the area with your preferred carpet pressure sprayer. Give it 10 to 15 minutes of dwell time before carrying out the extraction cleaning as usual. 
• Economical
With the frequent rate of carpet care that is needed in healthcare establishments, you want a product that can meet the demand without destabilising the building’s maintenance budget. The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L is suitably priced, and comes in 5L units. Each case contains 4 of the units. Since it comes concentrated and dilution is required for the usage, each unit gets to serve you for the long haul. 
Tips For Using The Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L
• Always carry out a spot test to check for colour fastness and any texture change before you proceed. This is especially when you’re working on carpet types where you are unsure of their compatibility with the product.
• After prespraying the heavily urine-contaminated areas with the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L prespray solution (prepared with a 1:20 ratio), carry out the extraction cleaning with the normal dilution of 1:100 solution.
• Never mix the Prochem Neutra-Soft 5L with other cleaning agents. It may lead to toxic reactions.
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