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Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter 1L Spray

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Sensitive carpets and fibers cannot be cleaned with high PH chemicals. Discolorations can happen and permanent damages can appear. But even those very sensitive fibres will get dirty and it will have to be cleaned somehow. Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter is the ideal stain remover for silk, wool and sensitive persian rugs. It will remove most types of food & drink stains without damaging the fibre. Always pre-test for compatibility.

-a powerful stain remover suitable to use on sensitive fibres

-highly effective on most food, drinks & water based stains

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects

-this product is PH 7.5 - safe to use on coloured carpets

-it contains a pleasant floral perfume

Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter Stain Remover - Where to use

A professional, low ph, spot and stain remover, suitable to use on all types of rare rugs, persian rugs, coloured carpets & very sensitive fibres. It will get rid of most types of food  and enzyme stains without damaging the fibre. It contains a very pleasant floral perfume.

Prochem Neutral Pro - Spotter Stain Remover - How to use

Vacuum well the stain to remove all the imperfections and dust particles. Spray the stain remover all over the affected area and allow few minutes to work. Scrub well with a soft brush and extract the waste with an extraction system or a dry towel. Repeat the operation if the results are not satisfactory. This product can be used by people with little or no experience.

Prochem Neutral Pro -Spotter is a safe stain remover. It is not known to negatively affect the fibre but to be sure, please do a pre-test before treating a big area. It will clean and refresh any surface treated.

Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter


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