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-Oxibrite produces controlled 'bleaching' and therefore should be used with caution on all fibres

-Oxidising additive for white, off-white and pastel coloured fibres and fabrics

-Can be used for 'last resort' treatment of difficult tea and coffee stains

-Dilution 15 to 30ml per 5 litres pH 10.5. White powder

Prochem Oxibrite 1K Review

Stains- those unsightly patches dotting your carpets and fabrics and taking away their glamour. They ruin the blend of colours, dragging down the decor of the interior space. They scream for the attention of anyone walking into the premises, making the place appear disorderly and unkempt. They are a bother that constantly pops up at the corner of your eye each time you sweep a glance across the room, and set a scene of chaos. From food and beverage stains to watermarks, you don’t want to be surrounded by them. Some may be so stubborn that you find yourself spending lots of time crouched with a brush, struggling to scrub them off. This not only increases your workload and takes up more elbow grease, but it also puts the structural integrity of the material at risk. All that incessant scrubbing wears down the fibres, weakening them. You want a fast and effective solution to get rid of the stubborn marks and stains, and accentuate the brightness of your carpets and fabrics. Restore the beauty to your items by turning to the Prochem Oxibrite 1K.

Benefits Of The Prochem Oxibrite 1K

1. Superior stain removal power

The Prochem Oxibrite 1K is formulated to break down the stains that have set onto the carpets and fabrics with ease. It makes it a breeze to remove those coffee and tea stains, watermarks, and even jute and cellulosic browning stains. In fact, the stain removal action of the Prochem Oxibrite 1K is so powerful that the product is recommended for professional and industrial use. It can be used as a cleaning additive to ready-to-use extraction or shampoo solutions.

2. Brightens colours

You can use the Prochem Oxibrite 1K to brighten fabrics that are white, off-white or those that have a pastel shade. This adds the sparkle to your items, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and boosting your decor. You get to host guests coming to your home with confidence, and give customers coming to your business premises a positive image about your brand.

3. Odourless

The Prochem Oxibrite 1K is a white odourless powder. You get to carry out a thorough cleaning without worrying about affecting the indoor air quality. What’s more, all this is achieved without straining your budget, as the Oxibrite comes at an affordable price.

Using The Prochem Oxibrite 1K

The application depends on the cleaning goals. When you intend to use the Prochem Oxibrite 1K as a cleaning additive, like for foaming shampoo and extraction detergents, first dissolve the Oxibrite in some hot water, then add it to the shampoo/extraction solutions. Use 15ml of Oxibrite for 5 litres of the solution. When it comes to removing the stubborn coffee, tea and jute browning stains, add 30ml of Prochem Oxibrite 1K, 60ml of B162 Fibrebuff and 250ml B105 Fibre Shampoo to 5L of warm water. Use a brush or sponge to apply the foam formed to the affected area and allow to dry. Note that you aren’t meant to rinse. When dry, check if the stain has been completely removed, repeating the process as needed. For those dealing with large areas, you can always go for a sprayer and brush system, or a rotary machine to speed up the application. It's recommended that you carry out a spot test to ensure that the Prochem Oxibrite 1K is compatible with the particular type of carpeting or fabric before use. In addition, the solutions that are prepared should be used within half an hour for optimal results.  



Prochem Oxibrite


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