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Prochem Prespray Gold 5L


-professional strength spot and stain remover

-suitable to use on wool, stain resistant nylon, etc

-safe to use on antique rugs and upholstery

-to be used as a prespray before normal extraction

-woolsafe maintenance approved product PH 8

-it contains a pleasant floral/lemon deodoriser



Prochem Prespray Gold Review

Cleaning your carpets and rugs gets hectic when you come across stubborn spots. Whether it’s those smudges that cling strongly onto the fibres, or soiling that has built up and hardened into the material- it makes the cleaning process more arduous. You want a product that can tackle these situations, and reduce your workload. However, you can’t just go around picking harsh chemicals that will corrode right through the fibres of your carpet. Strength and safety go hand in hand. You want a product that will be tough on the dirt, but gentle on the fabrics. That's right up the alley of the Prochem Prespray Gold.

Prochem Prespray Gold Benefits

1. Superior cleaning action
Designed for professional and industrial use, this amber liquid easily tackles the heavily soiling and tough greases in wet-cleanable carpets and rugs. It’s used as a pre-spray cleaner, before you follow up with the extraction rinsing process. It breaks down the grime enabling easier cleaning, that way you won’t have to break your back scrubbing those stubborn sections on the fibres. It cuts down the cleaning time and effort used, making maintenance of your carpet a breeze.

2. Safe clean
The Prochem Prespray Gold has been specially designed for working on pH-sensitive material such as wool, wool mix, and even works on stain resistant nylon. Its mild 8.0 pH makes this possible. You get to remove the dirt and grime without putting your investment at risk. It's WoolSafe approved, which is proof that you can go about cleaning the delicate material with peace of mind. Prochem Prespray Gold is also a versatile product, working across the scope, from carpets and rugs to upholstery fabrics.

3. Invigorating scent
You get to clean your carpets and fabrics and add a fresh scent to them at the same time. The Prochem Prespray Gold comes with a floral lemon fragrance that enables you to enjoy both the look and smell of your newly cleaned items.

4. Budget friendly
Since it’s a high concentrate, you get to cover more area with minimal product. The 5L units enable you to meet the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your carpets and upholstery fabrics without costs spiralling out of control. In addition, Prochem Prespray Gold is affordably priced, and each case comes with 2 of the 5L units, providing more usage out of each purchase.

How To Use The Prochem Prespray Gold

1. Start by diluting it. Use a 1:32 ratio, which comes to approximately 1 litre of water for every 30ml of product. 
2. Spray the diluted solution onto the affected area. For those sections that are heavily soiled, agitate it. You can use a carpet pile brush, or even white towel or upholstery brush.
3. Proceed with the extraction cleaning. For the rinsing and extraction, use products such as Prochem B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse, Prochem B106 Extraclean or S781 Liquid Woolsafe.
4. Allow to dry

DOs And DON'Ts Of The Prochem Prespray Gold

• DO pre-test the diluted solution on the carpets and fabrics that you intend to treat. This is to check for colour fastness and texture change, to ascertain that the product is compatible. In case the test shows a risk of colour bleeding, only use the Prochem Fibre & Fabric Rinse in your extraction machine's solution tank to rinse and extract. 
• DON'T allow the areas treated with Prochem Prespray Gold to dry before continuing with the extraction cleaning. 
• DON'T use Prochem Prespray Gold on water-sensitive fabrics and fibres.
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