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Red stains on bright coloured carpets of fabrics is a nightmare. Removing only parts of the stain is never a solution because a nice red stain on a white sofa is visible from a mile. This is the reason why Prochem has created Prochem Red RX. This premium stain remover is your best bet on removing a red wine stain from a white fabric sofa. No training required to use this product.

-superb quality stain and spot remover

-it will remove wine stains, food stains, etc

-effective with wet towel and iron system

-it contains a pleasant lemon fragrance

-suitable for commercial and domestic

Prochem Red RX - Where to use

If you have carpets or fabric sofas, you should own a Prochem Red RX stain remover. This magic product will remove red wine stains, food stains, juices, blood & much more. You can use it to remove red stains from sofas, carpets, rugs, chairs, curtains, upholstery and even clothes. It reacts with the red stain instant and it breaks it nearly instant.

Prochem Red RX - How to use

There are two ways of using this amazing stain remover. If you are a contractor, you can just apply the stain remover on the stain, agitate & extract the waste with an extraction system. If you are a domestic customer, you will need a towel and an iron. Pour the stain remover on the stain, allow few minutes to work, scrub lightly & put the towel over the stain. Iron the towel with hot steam. The steam will break the stain and the towel will absorb it like an extraction machine. This is very efficient in most cases.

Here is an easy to use stain remover. No special training is recommended. A bit of common sense is needed.

Prochem Red RX


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