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-premium solvent based stain and spot remover

-efficient on grease, tar, oil, gum, cosmetics, etc

-it can be used on all types of carpets and fabrics

-clear solvent with a pleasant orange fragrance

Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L Review

Oil based stains, from cooking grease to machine grease, can be frustrating to clean. They stick to the material of the carpets, fabrics and surfaces around the home or business premises, ruining the decor of the interior space. Those spots popping up all over the establishment make the place appear dilapidated. That's not the setting you want for your living or working conditions. What's more, the spots are dirt magnets. They trap the particles of dust, allergens like pollen, all through to pet fur and dander, increasing the level of soiling. This brings with it issues ranging from dulling of the material, odours developing, health risks, and threats to the structural integrity of the material. As the grime accumulates, it becomes more and more abrasive when people walk on the affected region. You want a product that will enable you to protect your investment, and simultaneously save you loads of time and energy during the cleaning. That can be achieved with the Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L.

Why You Should Invest In The Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L

1. Multipurpose clean

The high performance Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L is suitable for getting rid of oil and grease stains in carpeting and fabrics, adhesives and tar that got stuck to the fibres, gum, the occasional oil-based paint stains, cosmetics like nail polish that end up spilling, bitumen, and a vast range of solvent-soluble stains. A highly effective blend of quick drying solvents, it breaks down the grime with ease, enabling it to be scraped or blotted off. Use the Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L to eliminate those unsightly spots without the hustle of intensive scrubbing, getting the task done fast without straining yourself. It is a clear solvent, making it easy to assess the progress of the stain-removal. It also leaves behind a light orange fragrance, further enhancing the ambience of the indoor environment.

2. Ready-to-use

There are no complex dilution ratios to worry about. The process itself is simple, since all you need to do is apply the Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L directly on the spot, then use a white towel or tissue to blot immediately. Do not rub. It has a high efficacy, so you don’t need to soak the stain in the product. Use in minimal quantities, repeating if necessary. For those stubborn spots, allow the Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L to penetrate before you scrape or blot it off. Note that you should always perform a spot test on carpets, fabrics and surfaces that are to be treated. Carry it out on an inconspicuous area, to enable you to ascertain that the product is compatible with the material. After the stain is removed with the Solvall Spotter, spray and blot the area using your preferred detergent pre-spray, like the B108 Fabric Restorer. This is to get rid of the water based soiling or ring marking in the material, then brush the fabric or carpet to align its fibres.

3. Budget friendly


The affordable pricing of the Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L enables you to make savings right off the bat. Each case you purchase comes with 2 x 5L units, making it an economical purchase for your establishment’s cleaning needs.

Safety Precautions With The Prochem Solvall Spotter 5L

This is a highly powerful formulation. In fact, it’s mainly recommended for professional and industrial use. During application, one is advised to wear protective clothing such as gloves. After all, you don’t want the chemical action that breaks down stubborn grease, tar and bitumen stains taking place on your skin. In addition, ensure the area is well ventilated.

Prochem Solvall Spotter


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