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Prochem Stain Pro 5L

The original spot & stain remover. Heavy duty traffic lane cleaner and spot remover. It will remove even the worst types of stains from a wide range of carpets and fabrics. This product is highly concentrated and it required dilution before use. A great blend of alkaline components.

-it will remove blood, urine & body fluids

-it will remove fresh tea stains (some old ones as well)

-it will get rid of ink and oil based stains

-it contains a great mint perfume

-suitable for carpets & upholstery

Prochem Stain Pro - Where to use

Prochem Stain Pro is one of the most popular and most used stain removers from Prochem brand. There are carpet cleaning companies out there that would not use anything else. This outstanding stain & spot remover can be used on all types of carpets & fabrics but a pre-test has to be done before treating a large area. Its alkaline agents will soften up dirt and it will prepare the surface for extraction.

Prochem Stain Pro - How to use

Each carpet cleaning company has its own way of using it. It can be used as a pre-spray for the whole area or it can be used as a spot treatment. You can apply Prochem Stain Pro with a pressure pump, with a carpet cleaning machine pump or with a standard t-spray and bottle. Apply the solution on the stain, allow few minutes to act and scrub well with a small brush or a slow speed buffer with a soft brush or a bonett. If the results are not there, do one more treatment.

Bear in mind that Prochem Stain Pro stain remover is a highly concentrated product. Dilute well before using it. If you plan to treat a big area, dilute 1 to 100. For small areas, assess the stain and use a dilution rate of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. You will develop your own technique in time.

Prochem Stain Pro


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