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-professional urine neutraliser from Prochem

-to be used on carpets,fabrics, floors, wood

-it cancel urine odours after one application

-very efficient on pet and human urine odours

-to be used direct on the stain. Ready to use

Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L Review

Urine, on any surface or fabric, is abhorred. Whether it’s a spot left behind after your pet did its business on your carpet, you have a toddler who had an accident, or it’s the ramifications of downing one too many bottles of liquor, the resultant stains and odours are frustrating. From the unsightly nature to the nauseating stench that permeates through the rest of the interior space, the décor gets ruined. In fact, you will barely be able to focus on anything else in your residential or commercial premises. What’s worse, conventional cleaning solutions don’t get rid of it. While they remove the rest of the soiling plus food and drink spills, when it comes to urine stains, more is needed. You may keep scrubbing the spot and the stench still lingers. Powerful agents are required to neutralise and deodorise the urine. That's where the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L comes in.

Why You Should Invest In The Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L

1. Chemically neutralise urine

It is specially designed to tackle urine problems on carpets and fabrics. The Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L acts immediately it makes contact with the urine spot. It chemically neutralises it, preventing permanent staining and protecting the affected item.

2. Fragranced

As the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L breaks down the stains, it also deodorises the carpets and fabrics. That way, you get to treat the unsightly spot, and get rid of the awful odour that had been formed. What’s more, the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L leaves a fresh fragrance in its wake, that way you will see and smell the difference in your newly cleaned carpet.

3. Versatile

Urine accidents can occur anywhere, especially if your furry friend is unruly. The design of the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L takes this into account, and, in addition to carpets and fabrics, it can also be used to treat urine contamination on porous hard surfaces and floors. It's recommenced that you always perform a pre-test for colour fastness on carpets and fabrics before proceeding to use it.

4. Budget friendly

The Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L enables you to get rid of urine stains and brings you savings simultaneously. This is because it’s affordably priced, and also packs a punch, hence you won’t need to drench the spot with the product. A simple spraying will be enough. Each pack comes with 10 of the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L units, allowing you to meet the cleaning needs of your establishment. What’s more, by preventing permanent staining, you get to protect your carpets and fabrics, prolonging their life and averting the need for costly replacement.

How To Use The Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L

The application is straightforward. Simply spray it directly onto the contaminated area, then blot using a clean white towel, sponge or mop, depending on the area you’re working on. After you’re done, allow it to dry. With the heavily contaminated carpets, pre-treat with the Urine Neutraliser, then extraction clean with Prochem Extraction Plus and Prochem Odour Fresh.

For general use, and for those cases here there is heavy urine contamination, go ahead to use the Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L undiluted. However, for light-duty applications, mix it with water using a 1:1 ratio.

Prochem Urine Neutraliser 1L

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