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Professional urine neutraliser & odour kill. It will get rid of all types of urine odours and it will prevent staining. Suitable to use on new or old urine stains. Efficient on human and pet urine odours. Affordable, efficient & very cost effective. It contains a fresh fragrance. To be sprayed directly on the stain.

-premium urine neutraliser and odour kill

-to be sprayed directly on the stain (spot)

-it will get rid of all types of bad urine odours

-suitable to treat human & pet urine stains

-it contains a pleasant fragrance

Prochem Urine Neutraliser - Where to use

To of the range urine neutraliser and odour kill. To be used on all types of carpets, fabrics, sofas, rugs, curtains and even hard floors. It react instant with urine and it cancel its bad odours. As efficient on new or old urine stains. To be in the safe side, please pretest the product before using it on a large scale. Suitable for commercial and domestic projects.

Prochem Urine Neutraliser - How to use

Just spray the product, as it is, direct on the stain. Allow time to work. Repeat the operation if the results are not as good as expected. Prochem Urine Neutraliser will work instant and it will get rid of all types of urine odours. Suitable to use on carpets, fabrics, sofas, upholstery, rugs, mattresses and other. Prochem Urine neutraliser will not mask the odour but it will get rid of it.

Prochem Urine Neutraliser


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