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Air Freshener Refill Flower Power 300ML

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-professional quality aerosol spray

-highly perfumed & very long lasting

-it will fit most aerosol dispensers

-suitable for domestic & public toilets

-deodoriser & odour neutraliser


Flower Power Air Freshener Aerosol 270 ml


Air Freshener Refill Flower Power Review

Flower has got power. Everyone wants to wake up to a floral scent in the home. The aroma also enhances the interior décor and ambience. That’s why fresheners are popular. They do a lot to counter the pungent odours emanating from different rooms in the house- from the pungent smells coming from the toilet, to the musky smell due to your upholstery, and even the dingy feel you get from your carpet and surfaces at home. Flower fragrances even have a psychological impact. They put you in a good mood and make you feel less anxious. The aroma reduces stress, and also fights inflammation and depression. The calming effect soothes you as you relax in the lounge, and warmly welcomes guests onto your abode. That brief whiff of a familiar scent can also instantly transport you back in time, to relive the memories associated with the aroma. Just as it triggers pleasant and long lost memories, it can help you form new ones. You get a sense of joy and well-being. To get this effect, you need an air freshener that's trusted to deliver. Take a deep breath and create a joyful home using the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power.


It’s not just for your home. Your workplace also needs to be freshened up. First impressions go a long way. You don't want clients walking into your establishment only to be hit with a foul odour. That's bad for business. From locker rooms, training facilities to office suites, you'll want to impress your customers. It's more than just the "wow" factor. Your employees can't be as creative and productive as you want them to be, if there'll be smells floating into their workspace from the toilets down the corridor. It directly impacts how they carry out their activities, and the effect will be seen on your balance sheet at the end of the financial year. Increase your profits by enabling them to work in a more comfortable setting. The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power will enable you to achieve this. 


Benefits Of The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power

1. Commercial grade fragrance

You get to have a top-level fragrance in your rooms. The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power comes with high quality scents designed to bring the freshness and vibrance of nature into the heart of your home, or workspace. You'll enjoy the peaceful and relaxing scent of the bouquet of flowers as they permeate through your airspace and revitalise your establishment. The premium bursts of fragrance enable the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power spray to remain suspended in the air for long, thus providing a continuous aroma.


2. Odour neutraliser

The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power don't simply mask the odour for it to return later on. They attack the odour-causing molecules, neutralise them and render them ineffective. This ensures that you won't have to contend with the awful odours again. 3000 shots deliver long lasting and effective odour neutralizing action. The formulation ensures around-the-clock freshness in your premises. 


3. Easy to use

The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power cans are designed to fit into the majority of automatic aerosol dispensers. They come with the standard 65mm diameter dimension for compatibility. The height to the neck is 100mm, with the overall height (including the nozzle) being 115 mm, to ensure that the cans fit snugly into the dispensers.


4. Multipurpose

You can use the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power to bring a delightful fragrance to any room. It's used in both residential and commercial properties, from apartments to gyms, saunas, hotels, yoga studios, day care centres and even nursing homes. Whether it’s for your bathroom at home, restroom in your office building or public washroom, the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power will cleanse the air and leave an invigorating scent. 


5. Cost effective

The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power comes at an affordable price, ensuring that you freshen up your indoor air space without breaking the bank. Each refill can will deliver an ultra-fine mist of freshness. You can also get the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power in a package of 12 cans for economy, to ensure your facility remains clean and fresh all year long. 


How To Use The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power

You simply have to install the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power into the dispenser, set your preferred mode (depending on your dispenser) and you're good to go. Follow these steps for the installation:


1. Open the dispenser. 

2. Insert the batteries. (This is mainly for first time installation. For subsequent changes you just have to ensure that there's enough power in the batteries each time you want to switch the aerosol cans)

3. Insert the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power. Ensure that you observe the correct actuator orientation.

4. Now you just have to decide how you want the spraying to be done: 

· In case you're using the preprogramed settings, press the power button and select your desired option. 

· You can also customise the spraying sequence. This depends on your preference, and the programming modes of the dispenser you’re using. For instance, the unit you’re using may allow you to choose between 12-hour and 24-hour activation settings; and also whether you want the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power to be sprayed every 15 or 25 minutes. You may also be needed to set the clock of the dispenser, for it to be in tandem with the actual time. 

5. Perform a test spray once the programming is complete. Usually you just have to press "ENTER" on the dispenser after the program set up.


Tips Of Using The Air Freshener Refill Flower Power

· Wait for each can to empty before replacing it with a new refill.

· Institute a regular cleaning regimen in your home or workplace. Foul smells in a building are usually caused by the presence of bacteria that's left to breed and grow, through either infrequent or inadequate cleaning procedures. 

· Ensure that the spray path is clear, and there are no solvents in its way. This is to prevent contamination. Ideally, this will be a measure for you to take at the onset, when you're mounting the dispenser itself on the wall. 

· Never puncture the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power cans. This is because the contents are pressurised, and puncturing will pose a danger.

· Do not remove the spray nozzle from the Air Freshener Refill Flower Power. Also store it away from heat sources.


Flower Power Air Freshener Refill - Professional results for less!

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