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Craftex Kill Odour 5L

-very powerful deodoriser and odour neutraliser with pear perfume

-this product is highly recommended for the commercial market

-it will identify the source of the bad odour and it will get rid of it

-safe to use on most types of carpets, upholstery, fabrics, rugs, etc

-very cost effective and highly concentrated professional product

-it will get rid of smoke odour, faeces, vomit, urine, pet odours, etc

Craftex Kill Odour - Where to use

Craftex Kill Odour is a professional deodoriser and odour neutraliser. This powerful odour neutraliser will not just mask the bad odour but it will get rid of it. It can be used on its own or it can be added to the solution tank before washing a carpet or sofa with a bad odour. It can be used on all types of carpets, including wool carpets. It can also be used to get rid of smoke smells from curtains, sofas, rugs, chairs, etc. One of the most efficient odour neutralisers available in Ireland. Craftex Odour Kill is also very affordable.

Craftex Kill Odour - How to use

Most carpet cleaning contractors are adding it to the solution tank before washing a carpet , a sofa, a curtain, a rug, etc. Some people are spraying Craftex Kill Odour with a pressure pump all over the newly washed areas. You can also use a normal spray and bottle to spray and treat small surfaces. The product will work instant and it will react with the source of the bad odour. Most surfaces will be odour free with one treatment but sometime you might have to do few treatments before the odour is removed in full. This powerful odour neutraliser is the product you were always looking for. Cheap, efficient and very durable.

Craftex Kill Odour - Dilution

Craftex Kill Odour is a highly concentrated product and it will work the best with a dilution of 1 to 20. If you just need to deodorise the carpet and not treat a bad odour, you can increase the dilution rate to 1 to 100. If you need to treat a very bad odour, you can reduce the dilution rate to 1 to 10. It is up to yourself to assess the job and use the right dilution.

If you are on the market for a new odour neutraliser, please try Craftex Kill Odour now. It will save you money and it will make your work easier and faster. Its beautiful perfume is very unique and different. If you require a sample of this product please contact us now.

Craftex Kill Odour - professional results for less!

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