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Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate 175 ml

 Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate 175 ml

- highly concentrated deodoriser and air freshener

- will deodorise and kill the source of the bad odour

-suitable to use on most types of carpets & upholstery

-it can be added to a mopping solution to deodorise

-it has a dilution rate of more than 1 to 4000!


Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate - Where to use

This high quality deodoriser and odour neutraliser can be used on all types of carpets and upholstery. Many cleaning companies are adding a bit of Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate to the mopping solution and then they wash the floor as usual. This product will refresh the whole area and its perfume will last for very long periods of time. It can also be added to a spray bottle and just spray over whatever items you need to deodorise. Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate has so much power and the dilution rate is outstanding.


Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate - How to use

Most people will use Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate as an additive to a mopping solution or to a carpet cleaning solution tank. You can also make spray bottles with it, you can use it with a pressure pump to refresh very big areas of carpets, you can do whatever deodorising job you need. Please use the recommended dilution of 1 to 4000 to avoid wasting the product and over deodorising some areas. Even if this bottle is so small, it contains one of the most powerful deodorisers ever made.


Craftex Super Cherry Concentrated - Dilution

To make sure that this powerful deodoriser and air freshener lasts for as long as possible and does what was designed to do, please dilute it right. One drop per 10 l of warm water will do the job.


You are just about to buy one of the most concentrated deodorisers ever build. This product will impress you and your customers. If you require more information about this magic product, please contact us now


Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate

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