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Craftex Urine Neutraliser

Craftex Urine Neutraliser

-highly efficient urine neutraliser and odour kill

-suitable to use on carpets, curtains, fibre, rugs, etc

-it will identify the source of the odour within seconds

-can be used as an universal odour neutraliser

-one of the few urine neutralisers that actually works

-suitable for treating humans and pet urine odours


Craftex Urine Neutraliser - Where to use

There are many urine neutralisers out there but most of it won`t get rid of the urine odour or it costs a fortune. Craftex Urine Neutraliser is a professional quality product that provides results. Many carpet cleaning companies are using Craftex Urine Neutralisers on a daily basis. This powerful urine neutralisers is suitable for use on all types of carpets, upholstery, sofas,rugs, curtains, car seats, pet mattresses, etc. Craftex Urine Neutraliser will react in contact with urine and it will get rid of the odour for good. This is not an air freshener or a powerful deodoriser, this product will kill the source of the bad odour. Craftex Urine Neutraliser is also a very pretty cheap product.


Craftex Urine Neutraliser - How to use

If you are a professional sofa or carpet cleaning company, the best way of using Craftex Urine Neutraliser is with a high pressure pump. Deep clean the carpet or sofa initial and then apply the urine neutraliser. If you plan to treat a very small area, you can also use a normal spray bottle. One treatment with this strong urine neutraliser should be enough to get rid of all the bad odours but sometime two treatments might be required. Craftex Urine Neutraliser can be used for getting rid of human and odour urine odour. It can be used for treating other types of bad odours as well.


Craftex Urine Neutraliser - Price

What makes Craftex Urine Neutraliser such a popular product is the fact that this product works and it costs so little. Other urine neutraliser cost at least double and it is not as efficient as Craftex Urine Neutraliser. This high quality product can be diluted 1 to 1 to make it even better value. If you are a professional carpet cleaning or sofa cleaning company, you need to try Craftex Urine Neutraliser now. This product will make your work easier and faster. Order now and have it within 24 hours.


Craftex Urine Neutraliser can be used by the domestic market as well. Bad odours from mattresses or carpets can cost a fortune to get rid of by hiring professional contractors. You can do it yourself for so little. No training or experience required. Just spray Craftex Odour Neutraliser on the stain and allow time to work. Job done.


Craftex Urine Neutraliser - professional results for less!



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