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-highly efficient professional air freshener & odour neutraliser

-suitable for refreshing carpets, fabrics, sofas, curtains, rugs, etc

-it will neutralise tabacco, food odours, pet odours, urine, mould

-very efficient air freshener that last for very long period of times

-one of the most efficient and codt effevtive air fresheners available


Evans Fresh - Air Freshener


Evans Fresh Air Freshener Review

Odours are both embarrassing and frustrating. They prevent you from enjoying the comfort in your own home. Guests coming over won't enjoy their visits. Even your sleep will be affected- you'll be unable to get some decent shut-eye when there are smells reeking up the entire house. The odours come from all sorts of places: rarely used guest bathrooms, left over food, residue from last night's party left all over the house, clogged drains, the garbage disposal, damaged anode rods in the water heater, pet urine after your furry friend has done it business on the carpet or floor, chemicals like paint and turpentine in the storage, washrooms where gunk builds up at the base of the toilet, musty basements- the list is long. As long as there are pungent chemicals or decaying organic matter, there will be odours. There are also odours from grime in appliances, especially when they're running, such as the cook stove, aquarium pump, fans, your clothes dryers and washers, and even dishwashers. The smells they produce spread through the entire house. In case there is a smoker in the house, the can be smoke embedded in the air ducts, carpets, and even walls. You want to come home to a relaxing ambience. You need a powerful product to get rid of the smells. That's where the Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes in. 


Odours can make an office space unbearable. From decaying food crumbs in keyboards of employees who keep snacking at their desks, wet coasters that were left to sit, spilled coffee grounds and dried coffee stains, bin bags, and the moisture deposits under the leaky carafe, to the food and drink spills on the office chairs, that one colleague who comes to work doused in the strongest cologne in the market, musty smells from hidden mould growths, odours in the rest rooms and break rooms coming from the sinks, drain and other sources of water, car exhaust, and even the discharge from industrial ventilation systems. Your employees can't concentrate in their duties when there's a foul smell from down the hall sifting into the workplace. You don't want customers in your business premises perking up their noses due to odours in the building. Turn to the Evans Fresh Air Freshener to bring vibrance and a fresh scent to your premises.


Benefits Of The Evans Fresh Air Freshener

1. Neutralises odours

The high quality Evans Fresh Air Freshener has been designed to dispel stenches in the living and working areas, and freshen up the air. The tough acting formulation of the Evans Fresh Air Freshener neutralises malodours in your premises, from tobacco smells in your airspace, carpets and hard surfaces, all through to the cooking aromas left behind in the establishment. This enhances the décor of the interior space, making your home comfortable, and workplace conducive. It also increases the real estate value of a property. In case you’re a realtor looking to sell, or rent out, an apartment or office suite, having a radiance and fresh feeling in the premises can help you generate leads, seal deals and rake in more profits from the sale. 


2. Multipurpose

The Evans Fresh Air Freshener is ideal for reception areas, hotels, gyms, yoga studios, office suites, public rooms and washrooms. It is designed for spraying into the air, but you can also use the Evans Fresh Air Freshener to wipe or mop hard surfaces in residential and commercial areas. It comes with a blend of glycol ethers and non-ionic surfactants, which contribute to its cleaning action. You can add it to your carpet shampoo solution to get rid or odours and enhance its freshness. Its surfactants emulsify the greasy soiling in the carpet, and enhance the breakdown of organic dirt. The lack of a charge on their hydrophilic ends increase their oil emulsification rate, and can be used with the shampoo in extraction cleaners and pre-sprays. 


3. Long lasting perfume

The Evans Fresh Air Freshener leaves your surfaces with an invigorating wild berry fragrance. This will keep them smelling fresh for long. It also reduces wastage, as a few mists of the Evans Fresh Air Freshener are all that’s needed to fill a room with that lovely perfume you desire. 


4. Safe to use

The Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes with a neutral pH, making it safe for a wide range of uses, and also to the person doing the application. You won't have to worry about reactions with your skin. It's eco-friendly, and complies with EU regulations on biodegradability and conservation of the environment. 


5. Easy to use

The Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes in a prefilled ready-to-use 750ml trigger spray bottle that’s ergonomic in your hand. You can also get it in a 5L bottle for economy, to refill the spray bottle. 


How To Use The Evans Fresh Air Freshener


Follow these steps for the different needs:

Freshening the air:

· Simply spray into the air. 


Carpet cleaning

1. Add to the carpet cleaning shampoo. Use a dilution ratio of 1:50 (such as 100ml of the Evans Fresh Air Freshener per 5 litres of shampoo).

2. Clean the carpet normally.


Hard floor surfaces

1. Remove the heavy soiling from the surface. 

2. Apply the Evans Fresh Air Freshener. You can use it undiluted, or with a dilution ratio of 1:50, depending on the degree of odour.

3. Mop the floor.


Tips For Using The Evans Fresh Air Freshener

· Spray the Evans Fresh Air Freshener away from your face.

· Regularly wash your surfaces and items, to keep them from building up gunk that results in odours. 

· Avoid spraying near food items or furniture. When the Evans Fresh Air Freshener gets it onto furnishing, wipe it off immediately.

· Locate the source of odour and eliminate it. It can be anything from dried-on food particles and urine stains, to mould and mildew, or faulty plumbing. There can even be an animal carcass behind your closet or in your chimney. 

· Ensure there is proper ventilation in the building. Open the windows, run the fan, or air conditioning system. The constant air flow will keep surfaces dry. Damp surfaces encourage bacteria and mould growth, which contribute to the odours. You can also invest in a dehumidifier.

· Store your paint, cleaning chemicals and turpentine in a cool place, away from the heating and ventilation system. For instance, you can keep them in the garage or shed, or a basement without a furnace.


Evan Fresh Air Freshener - Professional cleaning products for less!

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