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-quality odour neutraliser and general deodoriser

-it will remove smoke, tabacco & other bad odours

-to be used with all types of carpet extraction systems

-it required dilution before use, PH 7.5 diluted

-suitable for commercial and domestic projects


Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L Review

Smoke, whether it’s from cigarette smoke, you were preparing food in the kitchen and it got burnt, or it’s from fire damage, can seep into every area in the building- from the walls to the carpets. There are different kinds of smoke, ranging from wet smoke that's caused by low heat and is a smouldering pungent odour, dry smoke caused by fast burning at high temperatures, that from fuel oil soot- like with furnace buff packs, all through to tear gas, fire extinguisher residue and fingerprint powder. Once the particles get absorbed by the surfaces, and adhere to the fibres of the carpet, they can be very difficult to remove, especially without specialized products for the task. The Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L comes in to make this a walk in the park.
Benefits Of The Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L
1. High-efficacy odour removal
That's its main job, and the Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L performs superbly in it. The water soluble product is effective against a wide range of odours, from everyday odours caused by dirt and grime, to stenches from cigarette smoke that got adhered to the carpets, upholstery, furniture and rugs walls, floors and other surfaces in the establishment, and even restoration after fire incidents that leave the building choke-full of smoke. 
2. Deodorant fragrance
As the Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L eliminates the odours, it leaves behind a pleasant fragrance in its wake. This enables you to solve the stench issue and enhance the ambience of the interior space at the same time. This enables you to restore the normalcy to your establishment, enhancing your living and work life. That way you get to finally put the fire incident behind you.
3. Cost effective
The Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L comes with a budget-friendly price tag, allowing you to make savings right from the word go. Moreover, since it has a high concentration, each unit you purchase enables you to carry out numerous odour removal sessions, giving you more value. 
How To Use The Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L
• General cleaning
This is for when you're working on walls and other hard surfaces in the establishment. Start by mixing 20-50ml of the product per 1L of hot water, then apply it with the equipment that you're comfortable working with on the surfaces.
• Cleaning carpets and fabrics
First prepare the cleaning solution that you intended to use. Then, for each litre of the solution, add 10-20ml of the Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser. Proceed with the cleaning as usual.
Note that you should always carry out a spot test on the surfaces and materials to be cleaned with the diluted Prochem Smoke & Odour Neutraliser 5L solution before you proceed. 
• Smoke odour removal with fogging application
Here, a sprayer or fogging unit is required. Also, remember to wear appropriate respiratory equipment. To prepare the solution, mix 100ml of product per 1L of warm water. Ensure the room is sealed. Apply it for 15 minutes on every 10m2 of floor space. Leave the room, but keep it sealed for 24 hours before you ventilate it. 
Remember to protect water-sensitive fabrics and furniture and other items by covering them as you carry out the fogging.
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