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Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

-professional toilet cleaner and toilet maintainer

-Will prevent limescale buildup inside the toilet

-powerful daily cleaner and odour neutraliser

-strong perfume, highly concentrated

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-can be used as a bathroom maintainer

-it comes in a duck neck bottle for easy application

Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - Where to use

Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - Where to use

A professional heavy duty acidic toilet cleaner and descaler. It will attach to the toilet walls and will prevent limescale build ups when used regularly. It is freshly fragranced and has a built in odour neutraliser. Highly recommended for public toilets or toilets with a lot of use. Its gel like composition makes it ideal for attaching to porcelain surfaces. To be used to maintain and clean toilets, bathroom cleaning and tiled floor mopping. Many companies use it for masking bad odours inside or around the toilet.

Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - How to use

Its duck neck makes it ideal for reaching into all the narrow spaces around the toilet walls. When cleaning toilets the product does not requires dilution. It can also  be added to a mopping solution and it can be used to deep clean and refresh bathroom floors. It can be used with a spray and wipe system when maintaining bathroom surfaces and porcelain fittings. Apply all over the toilet walls, wait about 10 minutes, scrub well with a toilet brush and flush the toilet. Magic results guaranteed all the time.

This is a professional toilet cleaner & descaler manufactured in Ireland. The product is highly popular with the commercial market but it can be used within the domestic market as well. Affordable, efficient and very cost effective.

Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler


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