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Everfresh Apple Cleaner & Descaler

Evans Everfresh Apple

-heavy duty bathroom cleaner & toilet descaler

-highly perfumed gel like universal toilet cleaner

-suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance

-neutral PH, it will attach to vertical surfaces

-deep cleans and deodorises in one go

-can also be used with a mopping system

-highly popular with professional cleaning service providers

-also suitable for daily domestic cleaning jobs

Evans Everfresh Apple - Why everfresh

Bathrooms and washrooms generally accumulate alot of grime, bacteria and bad odours. Most professional bathroom cleaners and toilet descalers will remove the dirt but will leave behind a chemical odour. This is not the case with Evans Everfresh Apple. The product will remove all types of body fats, limescale & general bathroom dirt and will deodorise the whole room. A highly efficient, professional bathroom cleaning product and odour neutraliser in one product.

Evans Everfresh Apple - Where to use

Evans Everfresh Apple can be used for daily bathroom maintenance and regular toilet cleaning projects. The duck neck bottle was designed in such a way as to fit easily into all hard to reach areas. The product will attach to vertical surfaces and will start working within seconds. Evans Everfresh Apple can be used for cleaning and maintaining bathroom fittings, all types of porcelain surfaces, natural stone floors, chrome, stainless steel, plastic and painted surfaces. Evans Everfresh Apple is PH neutral. There is very little risk of burning any surface. 

Evans Everfresh Apple - How to use

Evans Everfresh Apple has a gel like composition which makes it the ideal toilet cleaner and deodoriser. It attaches to vertical surfaces and it stays on it. It can be used with a standard mopping system to mop toilet and washroom floors, it can be diluted in a spray bottle to be used for washing tiles & general bathroom surfaces. The main benefit is the fact that it kills bad odours fast.

Toilet Cleaning - flush the toilet, apply the product and wait about 5 min for the product to work. Scrub well with a toilet brush and flush the toilet. Job done.

Bathroom Floor Cleaning - dilute the product well before use and add it to warm water. Use a standard cotton mop to wash all the areas around the toilets and urinals.

Bathroom Fittings Cleaning - dilute the product in a spray bottle and use it as a “spray & wipe” product. It will leave the surfaces streak free and fully deodorised.

Evans Everfresh Apple - Dilution

Use the product undiluted when cleaning inside the toilet. You can dilute the product up to 1 to 100 for daily cleaning and maintenance. For heavy duty deodorising jobs keep the dilution lower, at around 1 to 20. Always dilute in warm water to achieve better results faster.

Evans Everfresh Apple

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