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-eco urinals cleaner and deodoriser

-easy to fit in and very easy to remove

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use

-it cleans, refresh, deodorise & protect

-its gel like composition makes it durable

-available in single screens or pack of 10

A Look At The Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango

People are naturally perceptive. Customers, visitors and even potential business partners will make a judgement on your premises based on the ambience they find. How it smells has a key role in this. It may be anything between a heavy fragrance that will make them swoon, and a hellish stench that will turn them back out the front door. A main source of odours in buildings is the restroom. Most people walking into it will form an opinion on its cleanliness based on what they smell, which will be in turn connected to the rest of the image of your establishment. You don’t want customers walking onto the men’s room and being hit with a pungent and nauseating smell from the urinals. The reputation of your business will take a hit. The concentration can get to such high levels that the malodours permeate through the rest of the building. The rooms near the restroom facility are the first to fall victim. Whether it's offices with your employees busy at their tasks, or a shopping outlet with visitors walking about in search of goods, it makes the persons in them uncomfortable. In restaurants and other food establishments, visitors will have no qualms about walking away especially if there are odours hanging in the air. After all, how can you enjoy a meal when there is a urine stench pervading your nostrils? Ensuring that there is fresh air is an integral part of restroom maintenance. On the other hand, you don’t want overwhelming scents which can have a negative effects on the patrons and clients using the facility. That’s where products like the Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango come in.

Urine is the primary cause of washroom odours. That warm and acidic fluid provides nourishment to odour-causing bacteria, which grow and flourish, intensifying the pungent smell that hits you the moment you walk into the restroom to relieve yourself. The urine itself goes through a chemical process, changing from an acid into an alkaline salt. This in turn locks in more moisture, exacerbating the bacteria growth. Remember that urine is basically a waste product from the body, coming with proteins, salts, fatty acids, hormones and plus the urea itself. Bacteria feed on this, producing substances such as hydrogen sulphide plus ammonia compounds, which pervade your nostrils. It’s not just about the puddles. Splashbacks, where tiny droplets wind up on the surfaces near the urinal, provide more ground for the bacterial growth. There are cases of traffic from shoes that step onto these droplets and proceed to spread them around as people walk about in the bathroom, and even taking some of them outside to other rooms. As such, in addition to requiring deodorising action, a solution is also needed that prevents splashbacks from occurring. That's right up the alley of the Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango.

Benefits Of The Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango

  1. Brings a fresh fragrance to washrooms

Those odours emanating from the washroom are taken care of by bacterial action from microbes released by the Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango. That way clients accessing your business premises won’t feel like chocking each time they walk into the washrooms, and you won’t have the learners in schools and revellers in clubs being made uncomfortable by pungent fumes from the urinals permeating through the premises. This unit goes a step further by leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. There are different options to choose from here, ranging from the Spiced Apple P-Wave Urinal Screen, mango option, to the more intense ocean mist and honeysuckle fragrances. These come in different colours: red, orange, teal and clear respectively. It has a positive impact on the aesthetics of the washrooms. After all, it doesn't hurt to have a restroom that actually looks good. In fact, it gives your business a more professional look, since the clients will be able to see the care you're placing in every aspect of the enterprise.

  1. 30-day consistent performance

In areas such as office buildings, malls and restaurants, hotels and art galleries, gyms, stadiums, courtrooms, clinics and nursing homes- basically wherever there are lots of people on the premises, the urinals witness heavy usage. The more people there are, the greater the need for odour control in the washrooms. You don’t want the entire establishment being rendered uninhabitable due to the malodours that would reek up the place. Towards this end, the P-Wave Urinal Screen has been developed to provide its odour control for 30 days per unit, with the fragrance being released gradually. Once it’s time to have it replaced, the "clock system" will alert you. That way you will be in a position to keep your washrooms properly maintained through the different seasons.

  1. No more splashback

Urine splashback takes a toll on the floor of the washroom, and anyone that's standing nearby. The individual himself is affected, with anything from fine mists of urine to larger drops landing on the clothes and shoes. Issues such as the design of the urinal, all through to the distance once stands away from it, factor in. No one likes going to relieve themselves, and end up stepping into a puddle of other people’s pee on the floor in front of the urinal. It's also not practical to expect that each of the individuals using your restroom will be an exceptional sharp shooter. Design attributes of the Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango help in preventing this issue. This is as a result of the protrusions of its structure, which goes further to enhance the hygienic standards of the washroom.

  1. Recyclable

The Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango is 100% recyclable, which means you get to meet your janitorial needs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. What’s more, the low VOC nature of the product makes it compliant on EU regulations governing the standards to which the indoor air quality of the establishment should be maintained.

  1. Economical

The affordable pricing of the Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango makes it a suitable fit in the janitorial health and hygiene maintenance program. In addition, since each unit can last for over 30 days, it reduces the costs incurred in the long run.

Optima Proclean Urinal Screen - Mango

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