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Channel Blocks Evans 1066

Evans Channel Blocks 1066

  • Heavy duty urinal channels suitable for commercial use

  • Cleans the urinal while deodorizing and disinfecting

  • Very long lasting, strong lemon fragrance, water dissolvable

  • Contains high levels of bleach and urinal descaling agents

  • Highly recommended for pubs, bars, public bathrooms, etc

  • Sold in buckets of 3 kg, yellow color, weights 30 g per block

  • Provides full protection for about 1 week (usage can vary)

  • This product has to be kept in a cool, safe and dry place

Evans Channel Blocks 1066 - Why use

All public urinals are likely to have bad odours and require a lot of cleaning during the rush hours. While a channel block might not maintain your urinal in a spotless condition, it can definitely reduce odour levels and prevent residue build ups. The product will also clean the pipes and the drainage system. By using the amazing Evans Channel Blocks 1066 you will neutralize bad urine odours and you will also reduce the amount of cleaning required. By using the new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 you will prevent drainage blockages and other pipe damage.

Evans Channel Blocks 1066 - Where to use

The new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 are only suitable for commercial use. The blocks contain high levels of concentrated bleach and powerful lemon based odour kill. It can be used in all public urinals, bars, restaurants, schools, gyms, factories, warehouse urinals, etc. The product is highly efficient and it reduces the level of bad odour to insignificant levels. Do not add the product inside the toilet's water tanks to avoid blockages. To be used in places with good ventilation to avoid being overwhelmed by its strong perfume.

Evans Channel Blocks 1066 - How to use

Using the new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 is not rocket science. All you need to do is to open the lid of the bucket and decide how many channel blocks to add per urinal. Most people use 1 to 3 channel blocks per urinal, depending on the size of the urinal, the size of the drainage system and the level of usage. Low traffic urinals will require 1 urinal block while very large and very busy urinals will require 3 channels. Make sure to use nitrile or latex gloves when handling the product. It contains a number of harsh chemicals that could burn your skin. Store the new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 in a safe, dry and dark place to avoid accidental use by untrained staff. 

Evans Channel Blocks 1066 - Safety

Bear in mind that you are dealing with a strong cleaning product. Wear protective gloves when handling the product. Do not mix up the new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 with any cleaning products, do not expose the product to direct sunlight, do not leave the bucket open in public places, store safely in a dry and cool place. Do not use the new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 with a mopping solution. Do not use too many channel blocks per urinal and do not put the channel blocks inside the water tank of your toilet. Not suitable for urinals that are using a septic tank. Compatible with all porcelain urinals. Some stainless steel urinals might stain in contact with Evans Channel Blocks 1066.

This is a professional quality product that will help you maintain low levels of odours and it will also reduce the amount of cleaning required to keep the urinal in good condition. The new Evans Channel Blocks 1066 is highly cost effective, low cost and very long lasting. Much better quality than similar products from other brands. One of the most efficient and cost effective channel urinals available in Ireland.

Evans Channel Blocks 1066

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