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Nordicare Mattress Cleaner 

  • Quality mattress cleaning spray compatible with all types and brands of mattresses

  • Manufactured from a blend of organic, eco-friendly materials and components

  • It safely removes biological spots and stains from the mattress top or the protector

  • It does not require specific equipment, specific training or long drying times

  • The mattress has to be vacuumed first, all spots sprayed well, allowed to dry & vacuum

  • Highly recommended for kids mattresses or mattresses that are likely to get stained

  • This product also degrades the basis for bed mites and other types of mattress bugs

  • Regular cleaning with this professional product will prevent permanent mattress staining

  • It cleans easily, it slightly refreshes the mattress, it dries fast and is highly effective

  • One 500 ML bottle of Nordicare Mattress Cleaner can cover a number of mattresses

  • No rinsing, or any other after care operation is required after the mattress is vacuumed

  • Manufactured in Denmark by Nordicare | Suitable for day to day residential cleaning

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner | Why Use It

We all own a mattress and sooner or later organic spots will appear for one reason or another. You will have two options, either call a professional mattress cleaning company or order the new Nordicare Mattress Cleaner and treat the mattress yourself. The product works nicely and it can be used by anyone and on any type of mattress. It removes day to day organic spots from the mattress and it reduces the chances of dust mites developing or thriving on your mattress. It costs little, it is eco-friendly and it can save you a lot of money. Especially good for those that have smaller kids or older relatives, hiring a mattress cleaning company every time an accident happens is not realistically possible.

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner | Where To Use It

If you have a mattress, then you can use the new Nordicare Mattress Cleaner . This product is only suitable for “light” to “medium” mattress cleaning jobs. It can be used to remove and break apart biological spots and shields from all mattress surfaces without negatively impacting the mattress top. Safe to use on all old types of mattresses, new types of mattresses, kids mattresses and most baby cots. No need for a lot of preparation and no need for expensive equipment. All you need is the product itself and a good quality vacuum. All the ingredients contained in this quality mattress cleaner are allergies safe. 

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner | How To Use It

Start by vacuuming the mattress. Vacuum it a number of times to make sure that all the dust was removed in full. Shake the bottle well for a few seconds and start applying the product. Spray the whole mattress with the new Nordicare Mattress Cleaner and spray a bit extra on the visible spots. The mattress has to be semi-wet but not soaked. Allow to dry. No need to scrub, No need to rinse. Just wait until the mattress has dried. Using a hairdryer could speed up the drying process dramatically. When the mattress feels dry, usually within a few hours, vacuum the whole mattress one more time. Insist on the spots. If the product was applied correctly, the product should have broken the stain in small particles that can be extracted by the vacuum suction. Badly affected areas should be treated a number of times until the stain is removed in full. 

***some old blood or urine stains cannot be removed any longer even when treated by highly skilled professionals***

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner | Recommendations

Work in a well ventilated area and do not breathe the spray mist. Allow enough time to dry before vacuuming the mattress. Not compatible with leather sofas, suede leather or very dark coloured items. Do not dilute the product and do not mix up the product with any other type of mattress cleaning products. The product is only suitable for residential mattress cleaning projects. Make sure to shake the bottle well before use. Store safely.  

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner

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