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Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover

 Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover

-heavy duty solvent stain & spot remover

-very efficient on ink, dyes, pen, paints, etc

-to be applied undiluted direct on the stain

-recommended for the carpet cleaning industry

-safe to use on carpets and all types of fibres

Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover Review

Stains are guaranteed to occur at one point or another. Ink stains on your clothing and carpets, marker stains in their numerous hues that ruin the blend of colours on the surface of the item or fabric, crayon stains especially if you have kids practicing their artistry skills, all through to liquid shoe polish that winds up on the floor or on your clothes as you apply it to your footwear. You can have simply tucked a ballpoint pen into the pocket of your favourite shirt without putting on the cap, and sure enough you found a stain as you were doing your laundry. It's not just about the colour. To get rid of these stains, you have to tackle the oil-base of the ink. The longer it is allowed to set, the more it bonds with the material it has been spilled on. The Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover comes in to fix the situation.

Benefits Of The Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover

• Superior stain remover

That's its core function, and the Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover performs superbly. It removes ink and dye stains that end up on your carpeting, fabrics, upholstery, and even surfaces like countertops and floors. From grass stains in your trousers, felt marker drawing that your kids have doodled on the walls, ink stains on your work desk, ball point pen on your clothes and handbag, lipstick and cosmetic stains that accidentally wind up on your favourite blouse as you prepare to head out to work, poster paint that spills onto the nearby surfaces as you put up the poster- the Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover gets them all. It brings back the beauty to your items and surfaces, dissolving the stain and getting rid of it in moments.

• Quick spot treatments

You don’t want to have to wait until the general cleaning for you to attend to the stains that have formed on your carpeting, upholstery and other surfaces. Getting to them quickly will prevent you from living or working in an environment where the decor has been ruined. You also don’t want to have to deal with the lengthy issue of preparing cleaning solutions for every stain that pops up- and there will be plenty since the accidents are a part of life. The Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover provides you with a quick and effective solution. It’s ready to use, and can be applied directly onto the stain as soon as possible, allowing you to get the unsightly spot off your items.

• Affordable

The Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover is budget-friendly. Affordable priced, in a 1L unit, it gives you a value return for your investment. What's more, by enabling you to get rid of those stain spots on the go, it reduces that amount of cleaning supplies that you will need as you carry out the rest of the general cleaning.

How To Use The Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover

It's recommended that you start working on the stain as soon as possible. Start by blotting out the excess spill using a clean absorbent towel. Be careful to only blot, not rub, the spill. This is to prevent it from getting worked deeper into the material. After you’re done, apply the Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover onto the spot, using a white terry towel. Wipe off the stain. Work from the outside inwards, that way you won’t risk spreading the stain. Repeat this until the stain comes off.

Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover

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