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-amazing antifoam and foam stabilizer

-it can used to maintain low foam level

-to be added to any extraction system

-highly concentrated & pretty affordable

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L Review

Detergents are great for removing the dirt and grime from your carpet. Used with extraction equipment, you get the ability to ensure a deep and thorough clean with superb results. However, there is a by-product of the operations that puts the success of the task at risk: foam. It builds up in the system, such as in rotary extraction or wet vacuum extraction equipment, massively slashing down their efficiency. This is the case for both portable and truck-mounted extractors. This leads to product, time, and power wastage, as more resources are consumed to achieve the results you desire. This can be avoided by dealing directly with the foam, and reducing its generation. That's a job for the Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L.

Reasons To Invest In The Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L

1. Control detergent foam

The Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L has been formulated to control the nuisance that is foam. Take for instance with water extraction machines. You get to reduce the vacuum loss that is caused by foaming residue, and the inefficiencies that are as a result of foam building up in the hose. You get to ensure that the recovery tank is completely filled up with water first before it needs to be emptied, thus saving you from unnecessary stoppages during operations. It’s beneficial in situations such as when the detergent you're using to work on your carpets and upholstery is producing foam that’s reducing the efficiency of operations.

2. Safe to use

The Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L solves the foaming issues without putting you at risk. The emulsion of mineral and silicone oils used in its formulation is not hazardous, and there are also no fumes generated during usage. It also has a neutral pH 7, hence won’t be reacting with the surfaces of your equipment.

3. Multiple applications

The Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L can be used in various situations where foaming is an issue. This ranges from recovery tanks, as a cleaning solution on carpets prior to the general cleaning, all through to coating the inside of the vacuum hoses of water extraction equipment.

4. Budget friendly

With the Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L, there are different ways that your pocket benefits. For starters, it's easy on your wallet, with the pocket-friendly price tag. Secondly, it's a concentrated product, and minimal amounts are actually used up during each cleaning operation. Thirdly, it enables you to enhance the efficacy of your operations, reducing the amount of detergent that is used up during the cleaning. Moreover, by cranking up the efficacy of your extraction equipment, it reduces power losses and simultaneously prolongs their life. This cumulatively allows you to take care of the foaming problems without straining your budget.

How To Use The Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L

The application is a breeze, and the particular steps followed depends on the situation. However, in all instances you will be required to shake the Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L well before use. When adding to the recovery tank, use 60ml to 120ml of product before you start the cleaning process. In other applications, use the amount of product that is required depending on the equipment involved. In case you’re dealing with an extremely foamy carpet, you can spray the Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L directly onto it.

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L

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