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 Craftex Apple Fresh 5L

 -very powerful deodoriser and bacteria killer

-it contains a very strong apple perfume

-suitable to use on carpets & fabric

-it can be added to the solution tanks

-it can be used for mopping & spraying

-odour neutraliser and air freshener


Craftex Apple Fresh 5L - Where to use

This very strong deodoriser and bacteria killer can be used on any type of surface with bad odour. This product is not just an air freshener that will refresh the air in the room but instead this product will find the source of the bad odour and it will neutralise it. Craftex Apple Fresh can be used for treating very bad odours or it can be used daily to prevent bad odours. Many cleaning companies are adding a bit of Craftex Apple Fresh to their mopping solution to refresh the whole floor. This powerful odour killer and bacteria killer, can be used for treating bad odours on carpets, fabrics, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, etc. Suitable for polished and un polished floors.


Craftex Apple Fresh 5L - How to use

This is a ready to use product and it can be used as it is. There are many ways of using Craftex Apple Fresh. The most commune way of using this high quality odour neutraliser, is by spraying it on the item that has a bad odour. If the sofa or the fabric has a very bad odour, you can repeat the operation until the odour is gone. You can add it to your mopping solution, you can add it to your scrubber dryier solution tank, etc. If you need to refresh the floor in some room, you just use a tiny bit of Craftex Apple Fresh with your normal cleaning product. This strong odour neutraliser contains no harmfull agents and it is safe to use around kids, pets or pregnant women.


Craftex Apple Fresh 5l - Dilution

If you treat badly infected areas, please use it as it is. For daily floor cleaning or hard surface cleaning, use a dilution of 1 to 100 at least. This product has a very strong apple perfume so the level of perfume will directly depend on dilution. 100 ml of Craftex Apple Fresh per 50 l of solution in a scrubber drying will do the job.


Craftex Apple Fresh 5l - Safety

Please store this product safe. Its lovely perfume could be very attractive for kids. Craftex Apple Fresh is a neutral odour neutraliser with very low levels of chemicals.


If you need to get rid of bad odours from your home, office, restaurant, etc, please try Craftex Apple Fresh. This product is safe for the food industry.


Craftex Apple Fresh - professional results for less!

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