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Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L

-water based spot & stain remover from Craftex

-this product can be used on fabrics and metal

-premium ink, silicon, carbon, wax, oil remover

-this product is very popular within the printing industry

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L Review

Greasy soiling adheres to the fabrics and surfaces that it winds up on, and becomes a struggle to remove. Whether you tracked in oil from your driveway, spills in the autoshop as you were making repairs on your clients' cars, greasy splatters as you cook at home, paint spills during renovation projects, some of that nail polish accidentally ending up on your carpet and upholstery, carbon, bitumen- the list is long. Even oil based ink stains during printing jobs are common. Getting them out of your items is difficult when using conventional products or home-made solutions. From reduced cleaning power to poor results due to the stains not being sufficiently removed, residue being left behind that is a magnet from soiling, the outcome can be frustrating- especially if you’ve spent plenty of time and resources on the task. You don't have to put yourself through this. Simply invest in a product that has been specially designed for the task. That's right up the alley of the Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L.

Benefits Of The Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L

1. Powerful degreaser

The Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L packs a punch. Adding it to your cleaning arsenal gives you loads of power to get rid of that oil based soiling that is on your metals and fabrics. From mineral oil, waxes and adhesives, to oil based inks, grease and even tar, the Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L gets them all.

2. Multipurpose

Do you have troublesome greasy soiling in your home or business premises? From general cleaning, getting rid of the spots during quick jobs, to cleaning in the print industry, the Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L has a wide range of uses. You can even rely on it as a silicone remover for equipment like injection moulding machines.

3. Natural product

The Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L is eco-friendly, and a safe solution to use on your metals and fabrics. You don’t have to worry about toxic fumes being generated during the process. It enables you to get the results you desire without putting their structural integrity at risk. The product is also biodegradable, thus you get rid of the soiling while reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Fast application

The Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L comes ready to use. There is no dilution or heating needed. Use neat as it is. Simply apply it onto the affected spot with a lint-free cloth or a terry towel, then wipe or wash off. In case you’re using it on the carpet, ensure that you don't allow it to penetrate through to the rubber or bitumen backing.

5. Water soluble

This particularly helps when it comes to getting rid of the grime. After the Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L has broken down the greasy soiling, you can proceed to wash the mixture, of the grime plus the product, off the fabric or metal with water.

6. Pocket-friendly

You get this powerful degreasing action without straining your finances. This is because the Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L has been affordably priced. In addition, since it helps protect the fabrics and metals from damage, you get to save on costs you would have incurred on making repairs and replacements to your upholstery, carpeting and equipment.

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L

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