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-crystallising shampoo suitable for dry washing carpets

-it can be used with brush operated carpet cleaning systems

-it will dry in a powder that can be easily removed by vacuuming

-also suitable for hand cleaning small areas of carpet surfaces

-highly active, highly efficient and very cost effective shampoo

-for great results please use a dilution rate of at least 1 to 20

-the ideal product for washing carpets in always busy areas


Craftex Dry Foam Shampoo - Where to use

This dry carpet cleaning shampoo is the ideal product for cleaning carpeted areas that are always busy. The carpet won`t be soaked and the cleaning can take place while people still walk on the carpet. Suitable for cleaning all types of carpets and as a treatment for spots and stains. Can be used for washing sofas and upholstery subject to pre-testing. It will leave the carpet spotless and deodorised.


Craftex Dry Foam Shampoo - How to use

This product is suitable to use with all types of brush operated carpet cleaning systems. It can be used in conjunction with a low speed floor buffer and a soft brush. The carpet needs to be pre-sprayed with Dry Foam and then scrubbed with some type of brushrs or a bonet. The shampoo will dry in a non sticky powder that can be vacuumed up. Great results all the time. Much faster than classic wet carpet cleaning systems.


Craftex Dry Foam Shampoo

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