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-highly concentrated professional carpet cleaning shampoo

-efficient with hot or cold water carpet cleaning machines

-its very high dilution makes it very cost effective product

-suitable for washing carpets, rugs, sofas, curtains, upholstery

-this carpet cleaning shampoo has great stain removing power

-contains a very pleasant and refreshing lemon perfume

-it will clean with ease and it will leave no residue on the carpet


Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid - Where to use

This high quality carpet cleaning shampoo can be used with all types of extraction carpet cleaning machines. Suitable for washing carpets, sofas, rugs, upholstery, chairs, curtains, car seats, etc. At its best when used mixed with with warm water but it will work with cold water as well. Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid is safe to use even on very sensitive fibres. It will clean and refresh all surfaces where is used. It contains a light lemon perfume for refreshing. This powerful carpet cleaning shampoo has great stain removing capabilities. For badly stained areas please use Craftex Enzyme Powdered Prespray as a pre spray to help break up the dirt.


Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid - How to use

If you are a professional carpet cleaning contractor, you know how to use a liquid carpet cleaning shampoo. If you are a domestic customer with not a lot of experience in the carpet cleaning trade, you will need to follow few simple steps to achieve the best results. Assess the job size and decide how much solution you will need to finish the job. Mix up all the solution in a bucket and then add it to the carpet cleaning machine solution tank. Please use the recommended dilution rate to avoid making your carpets sticky. Spray the whole area with the solution, allow 2 to 3 minutes to work and then start washing your carpets with the wand while extracting the moist. Some badly stained carpets will require spot treatments.


Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid - Dilution

It is very important to use the right dilution with a carpet cleaning shampoo. The dilution rate is recommended by the manufacturer to make sure that you achieve the best results for as little money as possible. If the concentration of carpet cleaning detergent in your solution tank is way too hight, it will not work well. It will make your carpet sticky and it will cost you much more than needed. The recommended dilution rate for this quality carpet cleaning shampoo is 1 to 100. It can be used at higher concentration of agent if the carpet is very badly stained but never under 1 to 50.


If you prefer liquid carpet cleaning shampoo instead of a powder, there is no better option out there than Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid. This product works fast and it is pretty affordable. Suitable for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs.


Craftex Hot Water Extraction Liquid - professional cleaning results for less!


 Comprehensive Guide on Carpet Cleaning Shampoo
Virtually every household has a carpet as an essential because carpets assists get the house and floor warm all year round. Carpets are widely used to enhance the aesthetic value of homes because varied designs and colors are appealing to look at. These carpets, however, are prone to dust and other types of stains. When some stains come into contact with you carpet, it takes quite some time to eliminate fully. There are different carpet cleaning techniques/methods available today and so special cleaning materials, and detergents are needed to make the carpet cleaning venture worthwhile. If you desire to eliminate stubborn stains as quickly as possible at the same time giving your carpet that fabulous scent, then carpet cleaning shampoo will do just that.

Carpet cleaning shampoo is a product well-known to offer effective outcomes by leveraging chemical-based cleaning solutions and consequent agitation. Shampoo cleaning entails the use of a rotary brush. The rotary brush releases the soapy solution or detergent onto the dirty carpet. Whilst the rotary brush openings discharge the solution, the instantaneous rotary brush movement goes further to convert it to form. Once the form dries up, it's conveniently removed from the cleaned carpet by vacuuming. The vacuum sucks up all loose grit and dirt together with the form.

The benefits of carpet cleaning shampoo method.

Like other cleaning methods, shampoo cleaning has its upsides and downsides. Below is an outline of the benefits accrued from using carpet cleaning shampoo including:
Shampoo cleaning is the most cost-effective method used to clean carpets. This is because the carpet cleaning shampoos used are quite pocket-friendly compared with other carpet cleaning methods which utilize expensive chemicals. Shampoo cleaning is considered the most suitable method for low-pile commercial carpet or low-cut pile carpet that is extremely soiled.

Easy to Apply
The shampoo method is the most conventional and widely embraced carpet cleaning method. Al you require is a good carpet cleaning shampoo or solution and a top-notch vacuum cleaner, and you're all set.
Selection of Carpet Cleaning Shampoo
The shampoo carpet cleaning technique is pegged on the generation of adequate foam. Therefore, it's quite mandatory for the chosen shampoo to exhibit the following attributes:

Ability to produce stable foam
High foam generation capability to prevent overly wetting the carpet
To ensure less damage to carpet fiber by brushes, the form should have better lubricity
Must generate residue varying from dry to non-sticky

Precautions when using carpet cleaning shampoo

The shampoo carpet cleaning technique is an easy one, and you can do it yourself without assistant from an expert. Nevertheless, it's strongly advisable to seek the services of an expert to ensure effective and safe cleaning. Carpet fibers can be exceedingly damaged by over-shampooing or over-wetting, hence resulting to a lifeless and dull-looking carpet. Over-shampooing happens when the shampoo is used in excess or not rinsed off adequately afterwards. Over-wetting happens if the shampoo fails to generate sufficient foam.
The carpet cleaning shampoo technique alone doesn't at all entail water extraction but relies heavily on vacuuming after the shampoo dries up. Furthermore, the shampoo cleaning method manifests awesome results when amalgamated with other techniques, for example, the hot water extraction technique.
The carpet cleaning shampoo technique can be more effective if rapid steps are taken to eradicate grit and soil. Waiting too long for the carpet to get soiled may result in permanent devastation to the carpet fibers.
How to Clean a Carpet with Carpet Cleaning Shampoo
Different brands of carpet shampoo are available in the market today, so following the guidelines on the label is essential. Below is a how-to guide on cleaning carpet with shampoo:

Mixed-up the solution as stipulated on the label. Most products require dilution with water first.
Apply adequate shampoo to cover up the carpet surface.
Take special care not to over-wet the carpet. Over-wetting elongates drying time and is uneconomical since a lot of shampoos will be wasted.
On the stubborn area, scrub with a hard-bristled brush
Get the carpet out to dry,
Once dried, vacuum off the shampoo residue.
With those easy steps, your carpet will be clean and be smelling good.

An Expanded Insight on Why Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Is an Important routine.

Experts recommend that people undertake thorough carpet cleaning on a regular basis. They also advise homeowners to shampoo their carpets at least once a year. They, in fact, claim that carpet cleaning shampoo procedure must be included in your spring cleaning regimen.
Let's face it; no level of thorough vacuuming can wholly eradicate dirt, dust, allergens from your treasured carpet. Over time, you'll realize that your carpet is acquiring a darker color and becoming grimy. Rigorous shampooing will offer your treasured carpet a new lease of life and guarantee its longevity in the long run.
The most efficient technique to shampoo your carpet is to utilize carpet cleaning shampoo and steam machine. You don't need to go through a hassle to buy a steaming machine. You can rent from your local rental company or cleaning company if you wish to do it yourself. It's also worthy to inquire about the best-suited carpet cleaning shampoo and solutions for your carpet and the kind of machine required.
Before initiating the shampoo cleaning technique, test the effectiveness of the carpet cleaning shampoo on a not noticeable area to reduce the risk of damage to the carpet. To ascertain the effects of the shampoo, take a clean white cloth and dip in the shampoo solution. Scrub it on the not noticeable area. After sometime, dampen a new cloth with water and thoroughly scrub the same area till the shampoo totally disappears. Finish by scrubbing the same area with a clean cloth till it becomes damp. If there is any visible discoloration, desist from using the shampoo. If there isn't any discoloration, go on with the shampooing.
After ascertaining that the shampoo is ideal, it's time to vacuum the entire carpet before actually shampooing. The more you get rid of dirt, dust, and other debris from the carpet, the easier it will be to shampoo.
It's highly advised when shampooing your carpet to start with high traffic sections. To loosen any dirt and grime, pre-spray these high traffic areas first. Take extra care not to add too much shampoo and water as it will ultimately soak the carpet. When using steaming machine and the carpet cleaning shampoo, ensure that even pressure is exerted as you move the machine evenly across the carpet surface. The even pressure applied ensures the carpet is rigorously cleaned, and not a single spot is missed.
After shampooing is complete, switch the machine to steaming mode. The heat emanating from the steaming machine will suck up moisture and dry up the carpet faster. If the carpet is not allowed dry up completely, paddling will occur and also molds will start to grow on the carpet; your floor can be destroyed as a result. To ascertain whether the carpet is completely dry, touch it frequently.
You can take steps to speed up your carpet drying time by turning the ceiling fan or maintaining all the windows open. If all aspects are put into practice, your carpet should take at least 8 – 10 hours to completely dry up.

Chemical Components of Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Sodium lauryl sulfate represents the most common compound in carpet cleaning shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulfate has the needed characteristic to produce high amounts of stable foam, and that makes it a common ingredient in most detergents and shampoos. The only downside to using cleaning products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate is that a soft and sticky residue is left behind which results to soiling of your carpet again. For cleaning carpet shampoos to appear more cleaner and brighter, optical brighteners are incorporated during manufacture. The chemical compounds incorporated into shampoos trap invisible UV light and later converts it into visible light consequently making it look brighter compared with other cleaning detergents. However, this chemical process can leave behind yellow cast that is a little stubborn to eradicate.

In the carpet cleaning procedure, 2 sets of specialized pieces of equipment can also be utilized, for instance, cylindrical foam machines and rotary shampoo. In the rotary shampoo, the normal rotary floor equipment is utilized for the spraying of shampoo and later rigorously brushing the carpet. The rotary shampoo, however, may result to excessive wetting of the carpet which can have adverse negative effects on your carpet fiber. On the other hand, the cylindrical foam machine is utterly essential because it uses an air compressor to create dry foam and a cylindrical brush is later utilized to gently but thoroughly clean the carpet.

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dry compound extraction
Dry compound extraction technique is sometimes referred to as Dry Cleaning and entails evenly sprinkling a dry powder on carpets and removing dirt by rigorously working out the dirt on the fiber with the aid of a motorized or manual brush. For effective results, lightly mist the carpet surface with a harmonizing mixture or solution to assist in releasing the grime. Once the dry compound absorbs the grime, it's powerfully sucked up with a vacuum. Organic dry formulas are available in the marketplace. You can also find polymeric and natural, eco-friendly dry compounds.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning technique is typically a wet process. A solution containing carbonated water is applied as mist on the carpet. A bonnet machine or a rotating buffer spreads the cleaner evenly and later extracts the soil using an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad is replaced with a clean one once it gets dirty. The procedure is repeated till there is no dirt appearing on the pad. According to most industry experts, other carpet cleaning options only manage to clean the upper third of the carpet pile, so they should be embraced as short term solutions. Bonnet cleaning guarantees a truly, deep-down wash.

Steam extraction

Steam extraction is suited for heavily soiled carpets or homes where kids and pets crawl over repeatedly. A high-pressure steam is used to instill mist of a fine solution (hot water mixed with cleaning detergent) deep-down the pile. The heat and solution in conjunction emit dirt from the carpet fibers, and a strong vacuum is deployed to suck up the moisture and dirt. Steam extraction method efficiently and effectively eliminates odors and exterminate dust mites and bacteria.

Low- moisture extraction method

This carpet cleaning technique is quite similar to steam extraction method although differences can be noted. In the Low- moisture extraction method, a cleaning solution mixed with hot or warm water is applied to the carpet as a fine spray. The solution combined with the heat loosens the dirt in the carpet. A powerful vacuum is then deployed to suck up the dirt. Drying time is determined by the carpet material and the kind of drying equipment deployed. The average drying time is stipulated at 8 – 12 hours.

Alternative Methods of Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

Using Club Soda Technique

It's widely documented that club soda is effectual against wine and beers stains. That happens only if you use it correctly. So be sure to follow the following procedures:
Blotch the demanding are with a clean cloth dipped in soda
If it doesn't function right, combine equal parts of vinegar and water and transfer into a hand sprayer. Spray on the whole carpet stained area. Allow the solution to sit on the carpet for at least 10 minutes for soaking to occur. With the aid of a clean sponge, press on the stained area to suck up the stain and solution. You may be required to repeat the process till the stain is completely removed from the carpet.

Rinse the area with warm water after the stain is removed. You may use your hand to brush away the carpets strand towards their initial direction. Lastly, place white paper napkins on top of the cleaned area and press them down with something a little bit heavy as a book. The process will ensure the paper napkins absorb any dampness from the carpet area. It is recommended that you leave the paper napkins in the area till the spot completely dries up.

Use Shaving Cream

Statistics state that shaving cream is effective against almost all general stains. You'll need to apply the shaving cream directly on the stain and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Then, blot is away using a dry white cloth. To finish off, spray the spot with a solution containing equal parts of vinegar and water and wipe-off with the solution using a cloth.

Getting Rid of Freeze-Dried Gum

In the course of walking down the street, you may accidentally step in chewing gum and unknowingly get it into contact with your treasured carpet. Getting it off your carpet is as easy as heading to your freezer and picking a few ice cubes and covering the gum for about 30 seconds. Once the chewing gum has frozen, lift it up using a spoon while carefully cutting the carpet strands close to the gum conveniently. In the end, the gum wouldn't be noticeable.

Grease Stains

Grease stains can accidentally find a spot on your carpet. The surefire technique against grease stains is the deployment of a few drops of grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. A classic example is Joy mixed with a few ounces of water. It'll cut through grease like hot knife through butter. This is how to do it. Transfer the dishwashing detergent solution in a handheld spray and spray it directly on the grease stain. Blotch it immediately. For bigger stains, you'll need to repeat this process over.

Iron Out Heavy Wax from Carpets

Candles are commonplace in homes as they are used to light up and enhance the atmosphere, especially at night. Candles are prone to candles spills and may well drop and instantly dry on your carpet. The surest way to get them off is by heating them up again. Here's what you are supposed to do. Strategically place a clean white cloth over your hot iron box. On top of the wax, place the hot iron box to warm it up. With a butter knife carefully scrape off the wax. After all that is done, place paper towels on top of the wax-stained area and iron on it. The wax will bind on the paper and after more applications, the wax will completely disappear.
You should, however, note that using the iron that way for elongated time, for example, more than 30 second may burn your carpet. It's also important to only use white clothes and towels. Any attempt to use colored towels and clothes will only discolor your carpet. I bet you don't want that.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide
You may accidentally cut your finger and some blood spills on your carpet. This doesn't mean that your treasured household item is completely ruined. Hydrogen peroxide is well-known to get rid of blood stains with ease. To rid out blood stains on your carpet, combine mild detergent equally with natural water to form a solution. Use the solution to loosen the blood stains a little and scrape off blood from the carpet fiber as much as possible. Then apply the hydrogen peroxide on the remainder of the blood stain. Don't get surprised because the solution will foam immediately when it comes into contact with blood. Finally, wipe off the hydrogen peroxide with clean towels to dry up the carpet.

Organically get rid of pet accidents

Pets occasionally have accidents on clean carpets even if well-trained. It is advisable to use organic carpet cleaners because they are easily available on a shoe string budget plus they don't have negative health effects compared to chemical based carpet cleaners. Spray the organic carpet cleaner on the stained area and scrub a little bit. Using towels or clean cloths, wipe away the cleaner. The organically manufactured cleaners can also be used to remove sauces and coffee stains.

Getting Rid of Candy Crashed

When kids are running around, candy almost always ends up on the carpet. Scrap it off instantly with a butter knife or spotter brush. Then, with a mild soapy water solution on hand, apply on the carpet using a sponge. It's essential that you get the sugar out of the carpet fiber as soon as possible. Sugar attracts insects, debris, and dirt easily. After the candy stain is eradicated, suffice to dry the area with clothes and towels.

Why Your Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is the Best Solution for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Carpet.
Extends the Life of Carpets
Using carpet cleaning shampoo to regularly clean your carpet significantly prolongs the life of the carpet. Regular cleaning will cushion you from unnecessary expenditure of having to buy another carpet sooner. This makes the carpet cleaning shampoo the best choice for anyone intrested in having their carpet around for a longer time.

Preserves Quality of Indoor Air
Carpets daily absorb dangerous airborne pollutants. If not removed frequently, they many end up affecting the health of the home occupants. It is, therefore, prudent to regularly use carpet cleaning shampoo to ensure the room always stays clean and smells fresh.
Gets Rid of Spots and Stains
As with other detergents, carpet cleaning shampoos are effective against spots and stains. They leave your carpet with an alluring scent and attractive look.

Makes Home Carpets easy to Maintain
Dry soils make up a big percentage of carpet soiling. When carpets are regularly and thoroughly cleaned with carpet cleaning shampoo and vacuumed later, the daily maintenance routine will be a piece of cake to the homeowner.

Mitigates Build-up of Bacteria and Allergens

Bacteria and allergens like moist conditions. If carpets are moist soiled, they are prone to bacteria growth. Cleaning the carpet with carpet cleaning shampoo will deny bacteria and allergens fertile breeding grounds.

Enhances the Aesthetic Value of Any Room
Clean and properly taken care carpets visibly accentuate the beauty of a room. On the other hand, dirty carpets manifest darker colorations and attract insects and other unwanted pests; which is why keeping your carpet clean with carpet cleaning shampoo is handy.

Gets Rids of Bedbugs and Dust Mites
Carpet cleaning shampoos are formulated with bedbugs and dust mite repellant elements. Using shampoos to regularly clean your carpets will repel any bedbugs or dust mites that may have found shelter in your carpet.

Enhances Work Morale
It's natural that employees feel better when working in clean and nice smelling environments. So, if the office floor is carpeted, it will be prudent to ensure that it's regularly cleaned with carpet cleaning shampoo to maintain employee morale.

Maintains the warranty of your carpet
Manufacturers tag warranties on their carpets to inspire loyalty. The carpet companies, in turn, require the customers to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets in the stipulated durations (usually 12 -18 months) to continue enjoying the warranty. This is why it's so handy to maintain your carpet using carpet cleaning shampoo.
Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Brands You're Bound to Stumble Across in The Marketplace
Hoover AH30030 Professional Strength Platinum Detergent
This brand of carpet cleaning shampoo is a commercial grade, expert strength and all purpose cleaner best suited for upholstery and carpets. Each bottle comprises 50-ounce detergent. The detergent has a well-blended formula that conveniently gets rid of stains, dirt and other foreign substances on your carpet. The shampoo is duly certified by the rug institute and functions perfectly with carpet cleaning machines. It's formulated with organic ingredients free of allergens and harsh chemicals. Beyond that, it's easy to use, efficient and above all, cost-effective.

BISSELL 78H6B 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
This is a home and carpet cleaning shampoo produced by Bissell Inc, a privately-owned corporation dealing with floor care and vacuum cleaning products, based in Walker, Michigan. It's packed in a 48-ounce container. It's quite effective in eliminating dirt and dust with ease. It potent and neutralizes virtually all stubborn stains which may be a challenge to other weak shampoos. The hallmark of BISSELL 78H6B 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula is the possession of a functional Scotchgard protector that insulates your carpet from any future stains. This shampoo also lacks dyes, phosphates, heavy metals and optical brighteners that are a health risk to humans and pets and are biodegradable.

Bi-O-Kleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate
This rug and carpet cleaning shampoo works perfectly with all washable fabrics. It has an immaculate, well-blended cleaning formula consisting of corn surfactants, coconut, grapefruit seed extract, orange peel extract, filtered water and linear sulfonate and also kind on skin. The formula breaks down stains and dirt well and incorporates an anti-odor element that renders cleaned carpets smelling nice and fresh. You might have used different carpet cleaning shampoos and probably experienced mixed results. Try the all-in-one Bi-O-Kleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate and you will definitely come back for more.

Kirby Allergen Shampoo
This carpet cleaning shampoo is best suited for those individuals sensitive to fragrances. In addition, this shampoo is well-balanced and will give your carpet a clean and splendid scent without a single impact on your health or environment. It's allergen-free, easy on your pocket and skin and not overly scented.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Carpet Cleaner

This is a top-rated carpet cleaning shampoo specifically optimized for carpet and clean steam use. It has enormous stain, dirt and bad odor fighting capabilities. It has more attractive attributes like low-foaming and fine-balanced formula that doesn't stick or clump on the carpet surface after cleaning. The shampoo is safe, meaning, it won't interfere with your overall health or pet, works nicely with all types of carpet fibers. For the budget conscious people, this product fits your profile as it comes at a fair price.
Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo
Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo is contained in a 64-ounce bottle. It's considered one of the top selling carpets cleaning today. The product is carefully formulated with a potent low-forming recipe that permeates carpet fibers well during the washing process. It's well matched to operate well with the different carpet cleaning machines. If this carpet cleaning is used according to the stipulated guidelines, it removes stains and gets rid of dirt and other foreign compounds on your carpet without a hassle. It has a unique odor-lock technology that attracts and break down molecules responsible for forming odor. The bright color innovation renders your carpet clean and leaves all colors looking new and bright. Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo is also safe for daily use. It's free from phosphates and other toxic and harsh chemicals that can potentially harm your family and pets.

Sunny & Honey Professional Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator
It's specifically designed to get rid of odor and tough pet stain. It also works well on vomit and blood stains. It's packed in a convenient bottle so very easy to handle. It can also be used in other areas of the home, for instance on hardwood, leather, and carpets. Sunny & Honey Professional Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator has been certified to contain no harmful elements that are risky to the health of the family and pets. The downside to this product is that it's relatively expensive and has scent that's not appealing to most people.
If you have been looking for comprehensive information about carpet cleaning shampoo, now is the appropriate time to pat yourself on the back. The information contained in this column will surely go a long way towards solving your home and commercial carpet cleaning needs. We have narrowed down the best carpet cleaning shampoos and the best characteristic of each. It's now up to you to take appropriate action and solve your cleaning needs. The best sources of these products can be obtained by seeking out information from relatives and friend about the location of the outlets. Better yet, you can utilize the massive online platform. Most of these carpet shampoo companies have strong online presence, and you can easily contact them. After contacting them online, the best course of action is to organize some face-time so that you physically see the products and confirm their authenticity. You may shortlist at least three products and make a comprehensive comparison and make the informed final decision. Further research will cushion you from industry quacks that are held bent on only improving their balance sheets and not caring about the health of consumers.

Carpet Cleaning Detergent - professional results for less!

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